Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 pics added to the online album

Added 4 pics to the fapomatic site at
This is the 3 inch wide bam dildo, drilled in his rectum so many times, it justs falls in, no resistance to the assring. Extreme anal stretching and ruff dildo work on a regular daily basis.

<=Here is a sample

Monday, October 27, 2008

Punching the dildo

Draped over the end of the sofa arm, legs spread, cock pushed down, a large rubberband isolating off the nutsHe was drlling a large dildo up into the rectum with ease, spinning the dong in circles, driving it to the hilt real rough like with every plunge. I started getting into it hiking my ass up to allow full access in width and depth of my loose open rectum, and was rewarded as he started punch fucking the dong home. the open chute punches filled the open cavity with air,creating hot anal noises with every punch and and a fast exiting punches. He picked up the pace, I was going to come from analno jacking required any more. I cried out that I was about to blast and "ruin that hole!" He went crazy, the dong jack hammered my assholerepeatadly, then I shot off, my poor abused asshole ring muscle spasming, trying to clamp down on the dong, but i had lostall of its elasticty now, the asshole gaped out large, the size of a tennis ball when the dildo was removed, I remained in positionas he played with the open ass ring running a finger around the opening of the non closing asshole. Here is the newest picture-Prepping the rectum for a drill job

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Added 10 Pictures

Added 10 pics to
the Fap-o-matic Online Album
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<--- Sample: Large Shaft in the Rectum

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Anal Sessions Guidelines

    There are several things that should always be present during the anal sessions.
  1. Pubes, balls and asshole have to be shaved bald all the time;

  2. His nuts rubber-banded off during every session, either one large one around the
    sack or band off each nut individually, then one band around the sack as well;

  3. His little cock and tied off nuts should be greased or oiled during sessions so
    that with just a small stroke of his cock or squeeze off the nuts sends his cock
    shooting like a whore;

  4. Clothespin his nips;

  5. He should be trained to cum from his asshole being wrecked;

  6. His asshole should be so worn out, if offers little resistance to the assmasters fists at
    all times

  7. His piss slit fully sounded nice and wide and deep- Optional during the asshole work, as it will have to be held in place OR have him fuck his piss slit in and out before the sessions to wear out that hole too. then submit to the asshole ring work.

  8. Popping his asshole ring over large headed dongs as fast as possible OR use the dildo on the powerdrill method

  9. Inside out or prolapsed rectum after the end of every session.

  10. Feeding poppers constantly so he is so willing and helping to get the most from his asshole.

  11. If the whore cums pre-maturely, dont stop, just keep nailing the asshole to teach him a lesson

  12. Try to work his ass-ring at least two (2) times a week, so his asshole is always loose and open.

  13. In some sessions, concentrate on depth. Use long dildos and get up into the colon bend, and straighten out the whores entire colon, get 13-14 inches up into him for some deep anal games.
  14. Hang weights from your tied off nuts, so your nuts are pulled constantly and swing back and forth as your asshole gets wrecked.

Stories Coming

The original site holding the stories and diaries has bit the dust. I will begin reposting the stories, one by one to this blog, Diary entries will also be posted on a weekly basis. As new pictures are taken, they will also be placed here and on the Fapomatic Album site. Any comments or sugesstions are appreciated. Links to other content will be updated in the links section

Thursday, October 16, 2008

He punch fisted my rectum out

For 5 days straight he hammered my asshole with large dongs and huge dildos, leaving my asshole huge, open and non-closing.Today was the climax double session, hammer the asshole all afternoon long, really devastate the anal ring muscle.My pubes, balls and asshole shaved smooth before the session, I cleaned out easily, Snapped a large rubberband around the nuts,And headed to the anal play room, The assmaster was waiting. Doggy style, he spread my asscheeks and inserted 3 greasyfingers with ease. A fourth and the thumb followed as he eased his whole hand in my open loose rectum cavity. Now I couldstart to feel some anal stretching. he closed his hand to make a fist and started handballing out my rectum, with consistentand fast thrusts. My asshole ring quickly gave out, as the thrusts got faster and harder. My rectum complaining loudlyas he started punch fisting my asshole, it was going to make me squirt off real fast, he pushed my hands away from my dickso he could make me cum from anal alone, no jacking allowed. A big punch in and a fast pull out, sent me squirting off for the end of the firstsession. 2nd session would begin 1/2 hour later, with a large 3 inch butt plug inserted during the resting period, to keepthe rectum in proper shape.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The LawnChair Technique

The Lawnchair or Toilet Seat Technique

Get a lawn chair and remove the center nylon web or pull to one side, Rubber-band off your nuts as usual, then climb up onto the chair. Spread your ass cheeks then sit down on the missing web so the surrounding web's spread the asscheeks open and are kept fully spread, push your bald nuts and cock, down so its in the open area, so assmaster has a good visual. No have him start drilling up into your rectum with the largest dongs, and use poppers, and watch your asshole really let loose on the Lawn chair. Once he gets a good rhythm going, and he can punch your asshole with the large dongs, especially concentrating on fast out thrusts with the large headed dildo. When your asshole completly gives out, and he is drilling up into the rectum good, lift your legs up off the floor or place your feet on the chairs frame. This will place your rectal cavity in a good position for him to start plunging into the colon bend, it the poppers and go wild, let him get way up into you, abuse the ring over and over and over..