Tuesday, August 19, 2008

5 days in a row

Expanded the anal ring out to a 3 inch diameter, every day for the past 5 days, they are really working my asshole. 3 inches easily slides up the chute, non closing anal ring now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 days has past

10 days has past since I had my rectum drilled out. I figured that was a long time, that my asshole ring muscle wouldbe tight as heck. Now I was back, naked, balls tied off, doggy style, preparing to take a large rubber shaft into thetight asshole. I hit the poppers hard, and waiting for the beer can thick dildo to try to stretch out my anal ring again.I felt the large head bumping again the asshole, the head popped in and the whole 9 inch long shaft sank in my rectum with ease.Little resistance of the asshole ring muscle even after 10 days. He took the ass chute hard punching my rectum, get it back in propershape, they way it should be, Loose and hanging, non closing assring...I came 15 minutes after.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Assworker found

New assworker, R.E., found for analboy, He is into extreme rectal stretching and asshole expansion. Wants to keep his asshole non-closing, large and easily fisted. He is getting tagged team now, DG on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the new assworkers on Tuesday and Thursday. really wearing the asshole ring muscle out.. Look for new pics on the site soon.

Punish my rectum!

Legs high above my head, ankle braclets on and tied to the head board, my asshole fully exposed for abuse. he snapped a rubber band around my nuts and baby oiled up the bald pubic area. Greasing up the large beer can thick dildo, he drove it home right up my asshole in one swift push. My asshole loose and open for him, he took advantage and pummeled the dildo hard and fast, quickly breaking down the asshole ring muscle. I hit the poppers, and the asshole really let loose. He quickly grabbed the next sized up dildo, and drilled the asshole out, working my tied off nuts in unison. The asshole was sloppy and huge as he pulled the dong out and slipped his large cock in, fucking in a circular motion he nailed the sloppy hole and rectal walls. 10 minutes later blasting a huge load on the downstroke.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Prolapse that rectum, Analboy!

The dong slid right up my rectum with ease, as I worked my rubberbanded off nuts. Laying on my side, my hand grabbed the base of the dong, and started hammering the asshole hard and fast, no mercy on the anal ring. The huge beer can thck dong was pulling asslips in and out, as the large 3 inch wide traingular head made mincemeat of my assring muscle, I loved it. I picked up the pace and started reaming deep into the rectum, knocking at the colon bend, I started punching the hole, each deep thrust popping into the colon bend and out. I was getting into an anal frenzy, bound in determined to wreck the ass. My little bald hard cock swinging with each thrust, I was ready to squirt off. I deep thrust right into the colon bend, then fast pullout, started prolapsing the rectum...4,5, 6 big thrusts in a row and red meat started to show. I pushed hard, liking taking a shit, and the whole rectum flowered out. I held it out, and quickly removed the rubberband around my nuts and gently banded off the redmeat, keeping it out. I started working the nuts so i can cum from anal alone, within a minute i saquirted off sending my asshole spasiming like crazy clmaping down the the prolapse, it slipped back into my asshole as the orgasm died.