Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Terminology we use for our anal sessions:

This is some terminology or slang we use in this blog for describing some of the anal sessions:

  1. Ring or Anal Ring: The round sphincter ring muscle that is the asshole.
  2. Breaking down the ring: Methodically strecthing out the asshole ring daily so its large and non-closing.
  3. Chute or Rectal Chute: This is the rectum itself, It is being turned into a huge cavernous cavity for fistings.
  4. Colon Bend: This is the inner sphincter muscle that is occasionally popped into and straightened out by Assdaddy during depth sessions.
  5. Core that chute: Hard and fast dildo poundings with dildo punching.
  6. Banded off Nuts: A large number 64 rubberbanded, doubled and snapped around the nuts only, then baby oiled.
  7. Rod that slit: Sounding out the piss slit (metal rod down the shaft during asshole workovers)