Thursday, December 18, 2008

Extreme Depth Work

In the last session, the starter dong (beer can thick x 8 inches), just fell right into the rectum with ease as he pushed it to the hilt, bumping into the colon bend. He started long smooth strokes, working the entire rectum chute. He picked up the pace, punching the dong in, going right up the rectum, until the large head slid into the colon bend. The dong quickly left my asshole with a loud plop, but was replaced by the next larger in the series. A small push and it slid into the chute and with steady pressure all the way into the colon bend, getting great depth into the rectum with the 3 inch wide rubber shaft at 13 inches in length. He started hammering the asshole again, with long swift strokes right into the colon bend and out, working the nuts in unison. It sent me over the edge, cumming hard from anal like a good asshole slut should. He continued punishing the asshole with short swifts strokes as my huge cum shot caused my asshole to spasm around the large rubber shaft,wrecking the ass assmuscle even more.