Monday, December 8, 2008

Depth Work-Into that colon bend

Sitting on a barstool, my ass hanging off the end. I had the Armadillo dong (see picture), especially designed for depth work. I wanted to prep the rectum for AssDaddies Monday Morning Asshole Attack!, I wanted to pop into the colon bend several times so that muscle gets used to being used. I greased up my loose shaved asshole, hiked my ass up off the stool, and drilled that Armadillo dong right up the ass chute with ease. The point head banged into the anal bend 10 inches in, I reamed out the rectum repeatdly, making sure the head was gently poking at the colon bend opening, more thrusts and the bend started to open and the head popped into the colon bend, and slid it deeper, and additional 4 inches slid into the bend, I worked that colon bend over good, blasting off on the deep plunges. I cleaned up, took a shower and shaved the pubes balls and asshole...Ready for Mondays Asshole Attack!