Saturday, November 1, 2008

Taking the rectum hard, 5 pics posted

C.H. was 4 finger fucking me hard and fast, twisting and ravaging my asshole ring with his fingers using both hands he played with my asshole, spreading it and stretching the assring muscle, by prying the ring open and holding, then he had all five fingers to the knuckles, almost fisting me out, he worked me over good. One hand went for the large dildo as the others continued to spread and work my asshole. The hand left replaced by the dildo, he pushed and the dong slid right up my chute in one big push. He hammered the hole continuously as we worked larger and larger dildos, until my asshole was the size of a baseball.
Added 5 of the pics to the fapomatic site (newage 1627 to 1631) at

<=== Here is an sample of him taking my rectum real ruff like during that session