Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rectum Training has begun

After a long drought, I new AssDaddy was going to get rough with my rectum today. I made sure I was well pubes, balls and asshole were wellshaved and that my aasshole ring had been stretched out the night before. I was ready.I was doggy style on the bed, face down, ass high, He greased the first dong, about beer can thick and 8 inches long, He pushed it in and it sunk to the hilt with ease, my asshole had never really tightened up during the drought, as we both groaned with pleasure, we like it loose. he started working the asshole with the dong, slow at first, then he pciked up the pace, nailing the asshole. I hit the popper and then my asshole just let completly, loose. He took advanatge and punch fucked the beer can thick dildo, preparing it for the next size up, My rubber-banded off nuts swinging with every thrust. With a quick pull out, he aimed the 3 inch wide red rectum destruction dong at my gaping asshole, and eased it in my chute, there was a little resistance, but he forced it in anyway. I screamed from the width and hit the poppers, he pulled the big dong out, so the fat part was right at the analring muscle, then shoved it back in. In and out, In and out, Furious plunges as i hit the poppers, Went face down ass, high hicking up my asshole to meet each rapid thrust, he was driving deep and hard "Wreck that ring!, Im gonna cum from anal" I announced. Hiking up my asshole further, My bald cock started squirting off as gut wrenching orgasms spasmed my ruined asshole.