Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dream Machine

He walked me too the mid sized bedroom and opened the door. In it was a large square machine about the size of a small car. It look much like a cage, all shiny steel, Support members, linkages and motors and gadgets filled the square shaped frame. He told me it was his ass fisting machine, and told me to go clean out, and come back naked, Nuts tied off. In the bathroom I could here mechanical movements and spinning gears and motors. When I returned, AssDaddy had a remote control in his hand that was connected to the fisting machine by a cord. He hit a button and a small door opened up.

"Hop in and sit down, we are gonna see what this thing does to your asshole" Assdaddy said.
I hoped in and sat in the seat, much like a normal chair with arm rests and legs. Assdaddy hit another button, and restraints clicked in place around my wrists and ankles, and also around my waist.

"Dont worry, these are only to hold you in so I can adjust for different fisting positions with you. I am going to put you in the doggy position now. he moved the lever on the controlled, and the machined whirled to life with the sound of electric motors as the restraints started roll me over and squat me down. Soon i was doggy, face down ass high. My asshole right at the perfect level for a standing AssDaddy to great leverage to power fist my rectum out.

"Automatic piss slit sounding ON", and them more mechanical noise as I looked down and saw a cigarette sized sound ass greased up appear from the left and a another linkage with a round donut shape with a hole appear on the left. The donut slide over my bald cock and down to the base, pressing firmly into my pubis area, as the sound was position right at the opening of my piss slit and slowly inserted all the way to the base of my cock. The assfisting machine now started automatic fucking of my piss slit with the huge meat sound. I heard another motor startup, and two linkages with fingerlike digits hover over my asscheek, then spread them apart, the linkages locked into place. My totally asshole exposed.

"Now its time to wreck some ass", hitting another button, the automatic lube dispenser ejected a dollop right on my open asshole. Another linkage appeared, it had a massive dong, 3 inches wide x 14 long attached to its end, Ass daddy guided the dong into place, just outside the open hole, and tightened the screws on the end locking it in place. This machine gonna power-fuck your rectum like no man can do.

He manually inserted the dong on the linkage into me and thrusted it in and out a few times, sort of dry cycling the machine and allowing my asshole ring muscle to get used to it. He drove that dong quickly into my rectum again, as deep as it would go, it was opening up my colon bend. he made some adjustments, the said "Thats the depth limit setting, no to set the outthrust setting", he pulled the dong out just enough for the large triangular head to pull out the ring, and locked that setting in place. "Set perfect for continuous punching" mean while the sound was fucking my piss slit over and over the whole time.

"Ok get ready asshole slut for the core job that your asshole will never forget, say bye bye to that assring muscle", With that, he turned the knob and the don lurched forward, buried to the hilt in the chute in one push "Ohhh my rectum" I moaned, the dildo sawed in and out of my asshole slowly, by dialing on the knob, he increased the rate of fucking my asshole. "here try this" he said, hitting a button, a straw came out by my nose, then a strong smell of poppers emitted from the straw. Soon they overcame me, and my asshole went completely relaxed, " Nail my asshole good" I moaned. He dialed the knob almost to full and the machine brutalized the asshole ring in a matter of minutes.

'No cumming slut, we (I and the machine) still need to fist you out, maybe larger sound will keep you from cumming" AssDaddy said. The giant dildo slowed to a halt remaining in my asshole, stopping right at max depth, and ass daddy it a few other switches, The machine started moving me into another position, this time on my back, ankles high above my head, the asscheeks spreader engaged again, totally exposing my brutalized ass ring for more abuse. The automatic piss slit sounder was turned off and removes, leaving a gaping round slit, "Looks hot, I love it" I said. "Yea, we will make your slit large, here is the next sized up, the width of a thin cigar. The large sound probed the end of the slit, stretch the cock head and slid in, "Oh my piss slit" I moaned as it slid down my bald cock shaft, right to the base.

The dong in my rectum started to thrust again, faster and faster it started to go, I was being double fucked by the machine as AssDaddy smiled, his cock rock hard 'I cant take anymore, the sounded bald cock, the big nips, the large cavernous rectum, I gotta deep fist now!' AssDaddy announced. 'Oh yea handball my rectum Daddy, and Ill cum from anal for you" I squealed. He snapped on a set off gloves as the dildo came to a halt, then removed it revealing a huge gaped asshole ring. His greased up hand slide to the wrist with ease, we both moaned "Im gonna Drive you all the way up to the elbow, straighten your colon bend out boy!" He started handballing the rectum in and out, real ruff like, "Oh yea, take-it boy, Oh yea, there it is, there's the colon bend" Three fingers probed the bend, 4 slid in and then the hand "Oh gawd your in the bend, so deep into me", I hit the popper and his whole arm started easing into the bend.

He started rhythmic handballing of my colon, "your taking it, I'm dropping down back into the rectum for some alternate hand fisting, make my asshole slut come from anal" He said, pulling completely out he started fisting, right, left, right, my nuts swinging from the hard fisting "I'm going to blast a huge load" I announced removing the huge sound from my piss slit. " I'm coming from anal!", huge globs of cum shout from my abused open piss slit.
I was removed from the machine, was cleaned up and sent home.