Monday, November 17, 2008

Anal Ring Breakdown has started

Back for the second day of ruff anal training, the purpose to break down the anal ring and turn the rectum into an open fisting non-closing asshole. I could feel my aanal ring ache from yesterday's ruff anal workout. There I was again, Doggy style, My ass cheeks spread wide, as he greased the loose assring, 2,3,4 fingers quickly strecthed my asshole. That hand left and was quickly replaced with the other hand. My asshole started stretching out obscenly, as he went for the large dongs. Our starter dong is about beer can thick and 9 inches long. I was greased, then sunk in my ass in one big push, the loose asshole offering little resistance even at that width. he pummeled my asshole for about 10 minutes before moving larger and larger. I kep on accpeting fatter and thicker dongs into my rectum, until we were at the limits of my rectal capacity, and pounded it hard working my nuts until he milked a huge load from my bald cock.