Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dream Machine

He walked me too the mid sized bedroom and opened the door. In it was a large square machine about the size of a small car. It look much like a cage, all shiny steel, Support members, linkages and motors and gadgets filled the square shaped frame. He told me it was his ass fisting machine, and told me to go clean out, and come back naked, Nuts tied off. In the bathroom I could here mechanical movements and spinning gears and motors. When I returned, AssDaddy had a remote control in his hand that was connected to the fisting machine by a cord. He hit a button and a small door opened up.

"Hop in and sit down, we are gonna see what this thing does to your asshole" Assdaddy said.
I hoped in and sat in the seat, much like a normal chair with arm rests and legs. Assdaddy hit another button, and restraints clicked in place around my wrists and ankles, and also around my waist.

"Dont worry, these are only to hold you in so I can adjust for different fisting positions with you. I am going to put you in the doggy position now. he moved the lever on the controlled, and the machined whirled to life with the sound of electric motors as the restraints started roll me over and squat me down. Soon i was doggy, face down ass high. My asshole right at the perfect level for a standing AssDaddy to great leverage to power fist my rectum out.

"Automatic piss slit sounding ON", and them more mechanical noise as I looked down and saw a cigarette sized sound ass greased up appear from the left and a another linkage with a round donut shape with a hole appear on the left. The donut slide over my bald cock and down to the base, pressing firmly into my pubis area, as the sound was position right at the opening of my piss slit and slowly inserted all the way to the base of my cock. The assfisting machine now started automatic fucking of my piss slit with the huge meat sound. I heard another motor startup, and two linkages with fingerlike digits hover over my asscheek, then spread them apart, the linkages locked into place. My totally asshole exposed.

"Now its time to wreck some ass", hitting another button, the automatic lube dispenser ejected a dollop right on my open asshole. Another linkage appeared, it had a massive dong, 3 inches wide x 14 long attached to its end, Ass daddy guided the dong into place, just outside the open hole, and tightened the screws on the end locking it in place. This machine gonna power-fuck your rectum like no man can do.

He manually inserted the dong on the linkage into me and thrusted it in and out a few times, sort of dry cycling the machine and allowing my asshole ring muscle to get used to it. He drove that dong quickly into my rectum again, as deep as it would go, it was opening up my colon bend. he made some adjustments, the said "Thats the depth limit setting, no to set the outthrust setting", he pulled the dong out just enough for the large triangular head to pull out the ring, and locked that setting in place. "Set perfect for continuous punching" mean while the sound was fucking my piss slit over and over the whole time.

"Ok get ready asshole slut for the core job that your asshole will never forget, say bye bye to that assring muscle", With that, he turned the knob and the don lurched forward, buried to the hilt in the chute in one push "Ohhh my rectum" I moaned, the dildo sawed in and out of my asshole slowly, by dialing on the knob, he increased the rate of fucking my asshole. "here try this" he said, hitting a button, a straw came out by my nose, then a strong smell of poppers emitted from the straw. Soon they overcame me, and my asshole went completely relaxed, " Nail my asshole good" I moaned. He dialed the knob almost to full and the machine brutalized the asshole ring in a matter of minutes.

'No cumming slut, we (I and the machine) still need to fist you out, maybe larger sound will keep you from cumming" AssDaddy said. The giant dildo slowed to a halt remaining in my asshole, stopping right at max depth, and ass daddy it a few other switches, The machine started moving me into another position, this time on my back, ankles high above my head, the asscheeks spreader engaged again, totally exposing my brutalized ass ring for more abuse. The automatic piss slit sounder was turned off and removes, leaving a gaping round slit, "Looks hot, I love it" I said. "Yea, we will make your slit large, here is the next sized up, the width of a thin cigar. The large sound probed the end of the slit, stretch the cock head and slid in, "Oh my piss slit" I moaned as it slid down my bald cock shaft, right to the base.

The dong in my rectum started to thrust again, faster and faster it started to go, I was being double fucked by the machine as AssDaddy smiled, his cock rock hard 'I cant take anymore, the sounded bald cock, the big nips, the large cavernous rectum, I gotta deep fist now!' AssDaddy announced. 'Oh yea handball my rectum Daddy, and Ill cum from anal for you" I squealed. He snapped on a set off gloves as the dildo came to a halt, then removed it revealing a huge gaped asshole ring. His greased up hand slide to the wrist with ease, we both moaned "Im gonna Drive you all the way up to the elbow, straighten your colon bend out boy!" He started handballing the rectum in and out, real ruff like, "Oh yea, take-it boy, Oh yea, there it is, there's the colon bend" Three fingers probed the bend, 4 slid in and then the hand "Oh gawd your in the bend, so deep into me", I hit the popper and his whole arm started easing into the bend.

He started rhythmic handballing of my colon, "your taking it, I'm dropping down back into the rectum for some alternate hand fisting, make my asshole slut come from anal" He said, pulling completely out he started fisting, right, left, right, my nuts swinging from the hard fisting "I'm going to blast a huge load" I announced removing the huge sound from my piss slit. " I'm coming from anal!", huge globs of cum shout from my abused open piss slit.
I was removed from the machine, was cleaned up and sent home.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Anal Ring Breakdown has started

Back for the second day of ruff anal training, the purpose to break down the anal ring and turn the rectum into an open fisting non-closing asshole. I could feel my aanal ring ache from yesterday's ruff anal workout. There I was again, Doggy style, My ass cheeks spread wide, as he greased the loose assring, 2,3,4 fingers quickly strecthed my asshole. That hand left and was quickly replaced with the other hand. My asshole started stretching out obscenly, as he went for the large dongs. Our starter dong is about beer can thick and 9 inches long. I was greased, then sunk in my ass in one big push, the loose asshole offering little resistance even at that width. he pummeled my asshole for about 10 minutes before moving larger and larger. I kep on accpeting fatter and thicker dongs into my rectum, until we were at the limits of my rectal capacity, and pounded it hard working my nuts until he milked a huge load from my bald cock.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rectum Training has begun

After a long drought, I new AssDaddy was going to get rough with my rectum today. I made sure I was well pubes, balls and asshole were wellshaved and that my aasshole ring had been stretched out the night before. I was ready.I was doggy style on the bed, face down, ass high, He greased the first dong, about beer can thick and 8 inches long, He pushed it in and it sunk to the hilt with ease, my asshole had never really tightened up during the drought, as we both groaned with pleasure, we like it loose. he started working the asshole with the dong, slow at first, then he pciked up the pace, nailing the asshole. I hit the popper and then my asshole just let completly, loose. He took advanatge and punch fucked the beer can thick dildo, preparing it for the next size up, My rubber-banded off nuts swinging with every thrust. With a quick pull out, he aimed the 3 inch wide red rectum destruction dong at my gaping asshole, and eased it in my chute, there was a little resistance, but he forced it in anyway. I screamed from the width and hit the poppers, he pulled the big dong out, so the fat part was right at the analring muscle, then shoved it back in. In and out, In and out, Furious plunges as i hit the poppers, Went face down ass, high hicking up my asshole to meet each rapid thrust, he was driving deep and hard "Wreck that ring!, Im gonna cum from anal" I announced. Hiking up my asshole further, My bald cock started squirting off as gut wrenching orgasms spasmed my ruined asshole.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Non Closing AssRinged Slut

Non Closing AssRinged Slut

Skinny little Johnny moaned pitifully and wriggled his ass in a futile attempt to escape the giant invader that was being forced slowly up into his rectum. "Oh Master, it's so b-big in my little ass!? he wailed as the black rubber head of the huge 16 inch flexible anal dong finally slipped past his anal ring with a pop and began it's journey up into his bowels. "Gape!" I said, emphasizing the command with a sharp slap on his hairless nuts. Squealing, the asshole slut quickly complied, reaching back with both hands to open his skinny buttocks wide, giving me an amazing view of the loose ring of his anus stretched around the shaft of the huge greased cock which was being forced into his asshole. I tugged the head back out with an audible plop, and he pulled his ass-cheeks still wider, leaving his beautiful asshole gaping for my inspection. Knowing what was expected of him, he hooked two fingers from each hand under the rim of his open anus and pulled hard, repositioning him fingers periodically and making sure he slowly stretched the widening hole completely, until I could easily see the glistening smooth tunnel leading up into his colon. The sheer size of his open anus aroused me sharply ? the sight of a tiny, skinny boy with a huge, gaping baseball-sized hole between his spread buttocks was filled with erotic meaning - it spoke of years of daily, hard, prolonged anal pounding a history of daily asshole stretching, his anus and rectum were used over and over for the pleasure of men , and hour after hour of painful anal stretching as the men who dominated him forced him to take huge objects up his ass for their pleasure. Ordering Johnny to hold still, I moved behind him and aimed the head of my cock at him gaping asshole. Inserting the swollen head of my rigid meat into his rectum and came into him almost immediately.

After 90 or so rectal sessions I finally I became his Assmaster, he was a slave to anal work, and I knew it. I found his body and spirit beyond even my wildest sexual imaginings. The most obvious evidence of his history was the way Johnny's well-used asshole was always gaping open unless he clenched it. I made sure he kept his anus healthy and in shape, which meant a non closing anal ring The contrast between his tiny size and the size of the things he could take into his rectum was always a huge turn-on as well. I especially loved the look on other guys or boy's faces when they first watched their massive, swollen cocks or strap-ons slide easily into little Johnny-do's gaping anal tunnel. One AssDaddy in his university dorm had been amazed by the sight of my little slave's yawning anal opening one day as he bent over in the dorm shower. Red-haired Ken had come up behind Johnny as he was washing his hair with his eyes shut and begun soaping his body without warning. Johnny, though surprised, knew my orders that he was to make himself available to any AssDaddy who showed an interest in him and he quickly spread his legs and began to open his asshole for the amazed slut. Ken's soapy fingers wriggled inside the small boy's inviting meathole one by one until his whole hand was forced up Johnny's rectum. With Johnny's willing encouragement he eventually worked his arm inside his rectum right up to the elbow. From that moment on Ken lived to pound and stretch my boy's inviting rectum with his fist or huge dildos, the biggest he could find, and I often invited him over to our apartment to watch him put my little 133 pound slave through his paces. For his part, Ken was only too happy helping me to stretch Johnny out and was always looking for larger and larger dildos to use on him. 14 inches was the biggest dildo he had found so far, but there was a rumor about an 18 inch monster that supposedly could be ordered from Germany. Ken was a good looking man despite all the piercings and tatoos, but a true butch AssDaddy and had never been with a girl before. One day when he was in the middle of one of his violent dildo reamings of Johnny's poor abused backdoor, I came up behind him and assisted punch fucking the large dildos as fast he could "How old were you when you first had your asshole wrecked, Johnny-do?" I asked, sliding another two inches of the rubber cock inside him. "20, Master," he replied, biting him lower lip as he felt the huge snake deep in his colon. At one point Ken seemed to be having trouble getting any more into his rectum - then finally he pushed hard enough and popped through his inner sphincter and up into the lower colon for incredible depth that both men loved. Both men also decided on certain words words like analring and rectal chute and rectum tunnel to describe my asshole. He said guys liked to hear bottoms talking like dirty little sluts, begging to get there asshole annihilated.

Johnny's large asshole had begun to emit obscene slurping sounds as it opened up and sucked hungrily at the rubber invader that was now penetrating 12 inches into his bowels with every thrust. Droplets of my piss helped lubricate the pumping dildo, and sprayed out of his ass whenever I shoved it in really hard. I knew Johnny had a deep rectum, especially for such a small boy. I had opened him wide and thoroughly explored his anal ring and rectum when he became my slave, as a master does with his property, probing his piss slit with large metal rods to open up that hole too. His inner sphincter extended a full eight inches deep inside his rectum, meaning that my cock could just manage to push through into his bowels when I was giving it to him up the ass, which I did two or three times a day, especially when I made him arch him back so I could really piledrive him. I had taken him to a doctor for a full examination shortly after I began my ownership of him and had been quite candid to him about my plans for the prolonged and aggressive use of his rectum for sexual purposes, bound and determined to make the anal ring non-closing. At my request, the doctor had opened the pretty boy's anus and rectum with an anal speculum and had been amazed when he opened him up to 4 inches without any trouble. I insisted on a manual examination of his rectum and colon and watched little Johnny-do squirm as the doctor twisted his gloved hand slowly into his asshole. Finally, his hand popped past him gaping anal ring and into his rectum. Johnny gasped, but my little 133 pound girly-boy is a trooper and only raised his ass higher, hiking it up to give full use of his cavity. I asked him to investigate the depth to which I might be able to enter his colon without causing him harm and he slowly began to work his hand deeper into his asshole. He felt the well-used opening of his inner sphincter and pushed gently through up into his colon. I saw Johnny give a sigh and saw the doctor's slick forearm suddenly slide much deeper into the little boy and knew he had entered his colon.

"His colon is remarkably straight," he said," You must have straightened the entire colon from deep anal work. "yes I did, many many times..he cums from it" As long as you go slowly at first until his colon straightens and adjusts he should be able to take it just fine." He looked down at his arm, which was now buried in my slut fully up to the elbow. "Amazing...." He looked up at me and I nodded. He then began to slide his arm back out of him, only to push it back in again as Johnny moaned and writhed on the examination table. Soon he had built a steady rhythm and was fisting his ass in deep hard punching strokes, driving his fist into him yielding colon bend as his anal ring dilated into a thin band of muscle as he accepted the arm into his petite body. "Take it boy!, destroy that assmuscle!" Johnny's little hands found his dripping cock and started jacking himself raw with furious energy. he slapped his hand away from his cock "No jacking allowed, you come by anal only whore" According to the doctor, not only had his years of anal sessions done him no harm, but it seemed to have actually given him a remarkably healthy anus and rectum, well-suited for frequent and prolonged penetration. In fact he said, his butthole had probably benefited from a good hard ass-fuck at least once a day Pushing Johnny's shoulders down even further onto the bed, I hiked up his tiny perfect ass even higher. I watched him butt hungrily with my eyes only inches away from his straining asshole, excited by the effort the little boy had to make to take the huge rubber cock up him ass. "YEA, HIKE THAT ASS UP, TAKE IT BOY!" I pushed another inch into him, making him groan and bringing more obscene sucking and slobbering sounds from his wide-open rectum. "You like that master? You like it when my ass makes all those sounds?", he whispered softly, watching my eyes fixed on his abused anus. "Open wide for me baby," I growled softly, "I'm gonna ram the whole thing into your fuckhole!" Finally, after 20 minutes of ramming him deep and hard with the full length of the 16 inch flexible anal monster, I made Johnny hold completely still while I slowly began to withdraw the massive dildo from his rectum. He moaned softly "ahhhh...!!" as it snaked out inch by inch. I was pleased to see that it was clean except for the lube - my little boy was obviously eating right! I moved behind him and nestled my face between him buttocks, my eyes locked on him beautiful gaping hole. Extending my tongue, I licked sensuously around the ring of his anus, my eyes never leaving the exciting open pink tunnel leading up into his body. "Oh my god... " he whispered breathlessly, arching his back and straining to open his asshole even wider. "Are you going to suck my asshole Master? Please, please suck it for me, I'll do anything you say!" ?Tell me more about how your skinny ass got used before I started abusing your rectum.?, I prompted him, settling behind him and slurping all around his open hole with my tongue. ?Well a bunch of 3 men were determined to break down my asshole ring muscle thru regular repeated sessions They were all fascinated by my open asshole and wondered how much anal I could take, before my asshole muscle was wrecked... One weekend they made up a schedule - each guy would get 15 minutes in my meathole and they had enough guys to fist me out round the clock for two days.? Picture me on all fours surrounded by the group of horny, lust-crazed men, taking it like a trooper, punch fisted up the rectum for hours until I passed out, looking down my asshole was red, battered and non-closing. This scene turned on the doctor and myself, the licking stopped as my hand slid into the whore's asshole "Y-yes master!, Johnny sighed contentedly as my closed fist sliding easily into his ass, stretching the walls of his smooth rectum as I reamed him progressively harder over the next ten minutes. I was using full strokes, sliding all 10 inches of my arm completely out of him and then plunging back into his gaping asshole (which wasn't even thinking of closing up) His amazing butthole was of course still open and well abused, his anal tunnel complained loudly. "Do you want it hard, Johnny?" I whispered in his ear, as my hands gripped his skinny hips. "Y-yes!" Ruin me!" he stammered, voice shaking with lust, "Oh god master, wreck my ring! Please dildo the shit out of my skinny ass!!" Bracing myself, I used his hips as leverage, holding him tight in place and rammed the bedpost sized dildo completely into his rectum with one powerful plunge. He gave a little squeal, but he was so used to being anally pounded that his little butt immediately began to push back to meet my thrusts. Getting into a rhythm, "Take it you little fucking slut!" , I growled, piledriving him with all my strength. Burying the obscenely large dildo up to the root, I held his small body tight against mine and ground the dildo in a circular motion against his buttocks, opening and loosening his rectum progressively until it became a slick, gaping tunnel leading up into his colon. I growled dangerously, slapping his tied off nuts and pulling him hard back against me with every thrust until his teeth were chattering. "Oh yes, give it to me! I deserve it!" Johnny groaned over his shoulder, urging me to pile drive him even harder. The little boy now entered an almost trance-like state, panting with his eyes half-closed as I repeatedly pulled all the way out of him dilated asshole and slammed back in to the accompaniment of a chorus of obscene slobbering, sucking and squelching sounds from his open rectum. I set the timer on my watch and settled down for a good long afternoon in Johnny's asshole. We both knew that it was good for his overall anal and rectal health to keep a cock or dildo in him ass as long as possible, and I worked out regularly to be able to maintain a continuous fucking pace for long periods. I had water and lube within arms reach and felt ready to give my boy the good, long reaming he needed. I reached forward and showed him the timer on my watch. Two hours... He nodded submissively and put his brown head down on the pillow, raising his small ass and wriggling his skinny hips as he felt the huge dildo slide deep into his rectum again and again.

The End

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Punch fisting the rectum out

He had 2 fingers from each hand right on the anal ring prying apart and holding, stretching my anal ring muscle tight, overtime the muscle relaxed more and he pried harder, butterflying the aanal ring. He let go and quickly slid his hand into my rectum when the asshole gaped to the max.He slid in with ease as my asshole was really loose, he started handballing the rectum over, first slow and then faster. He got into a steadyeven rhythm as his balled fisting plunged completely in and out of my huge hole, the complained with loud noisesas he devastated my rectum chute over and over for a solid half hour. I started getting sore, so he went for the cum shotwith fast punching and twists, fast pull outs and working the nuts at the same time, My cock got rock hard, and the rectum started to prolapse as I shot off. He pulled his hand out quickly, watching the wrecked asshole try to spasm shut.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Taking the rectum hard, 5 pics posted

C.H. was 4 finger fucking me hard and fast, twisting and ravaging my asshole ring with his fingers using both hands he played with my asshole, spreading it and stretching the assring muscle, by prying the ring open and holding, then he had all five fingers to the knuckles, almost fisting me out, he worked me over good. One hand went for the large dildo as the others continued to spread and work my asshole. The hand left replaced by the dildo, he pushed and the dong slid right up my chute in one big push. He hammered the hole continuously as we worked larger and larger dildos, until my asshole was the size of a baseball.
Added 5 of the pics to the fapomatic site (newage 1627 to 1631) at

<=== Here is an sample of him taking my rectum real ruff like during that session