Sunday, October 5, 2008

The LawnChair Technique

The Lawnchair or Toilet Seat Technique

Get a lawn chair and remove the center nylon web or pull to one side, Rubber-band off your nuts as usual, then climb up onto the chair. Spread your ass cheeks then sit down on the missing web so the surrounding web's spread the asscheeks open and are kept fully spread, push your bald nuts and cock, down so its in the open area, so assmaster has a good visual. No have him start drilling up into your rectum with the largest dongs, and use poppers, and watch your asshole really let loose on the Lawn chair. Once he gets a good rhythm going, and he can punch your asshole with the large dongs, especially concentrating on fast out thrusts with the large headed dildo. When your asshole completly gives out, and he is drilling up into the rectum good, lift your legs up off the floor or place your feet on the chairs frame. This will place your rectal cavity in a good position for him to start plunging into the colon bend, it the poppers and go wild, let him get way up into you, abuse the ring over and over and over..

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