Thursday, October 16, 2008

He punch fisted my rectum out

For 5 days straight he hammered my asshole with large dongs and huge dildos, leaving my asshole huge, open and non-closing.Today was the climax double session, hammer the asshole all afternoon long, really devastate the anal ring muscle.My pubes, balls and asshole shaved smooth before the session, I cleaned out easily, Snapped a large rubberband around the nuts,And headed to the anal play room, The assmaster was waiting. Doggy style, he spread my asscheeks and inserted 3 greasyfingers with ease. A fourth and the thumb followed as he eased his whole hand in my open loose rectum cavity. Now I couldstart to feel some anal stretching. he closed his hand to make a fist and started handballing out my rectum, with consistentand fast thrusts. My asshole ring quickly gave out, as the thrusts got faster and harder. My rectum complaining loudlyas he started punch fisting my asshole, it was going to make me squirt off real fast, he pushed my hands away from my dickso he could make me cum from anal alone, no jacking allowed. A big punch in and a fast pull out, sent me squirting off for the end of the firstsession. 2nd session would begin 1/2 hour later, with a large 3 inch butt plug inserted during the resting period, to keepthe rectum in proper shape.

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