Monday, October 20, 2008

The Anal Sessions Guidelines

    There are several things that should always be present during the anal sessions.
  1. Pubes, balls and asshole have to be shaved bald all the time;

  2. His nuts rubber-banded off during every session, either one large one around the
    sack or band off each nut individually, then one band around the sack as well;

  3. His little cock and tied off nuts should be greased or oiled during sessions so
    that with just a small stroke of his cock or squeeze off the nuts sends his cock
    shooting like a whore;

  4. Clothespin his nips;

  5. He should be trained to cum from his asshole being wrecked;

  6. His asshole should be so worn out, if offers little resistance to the assmasters fists at
    all times

  7. His piss slit fully sounded nice and wide and deep- Optional during the asshole work, as it will have to be held in place OR have him fuck his piss slit in and out before the sessions to wear out that hole too. then submit to the asshole ring work.

  8. Popping his asshole ring over large headed dongs as fast as possible OR use the dildo on the powerdrill method

  9. Inside out or prolapsed rectum after the end of every session.

  10. Feeding poppers constantly so he is so willing and helping to get the most from his asshole.

  11. If the whore cums pre-maturely, dont stop, just keep nailing the asshole to teach him a lesson

  12. Try to work his ass-ring at least two (2) times a week, so his asshole is always loose and open.

  13. In some sessions, concentrate on depth. Use long dildos and get up into the colon bend, and straighten out the whores entire colon, get 13-14 inches up into him for some deep anal games.
  14. Hang weights from your tied off nuts, so your nuts are pulled constantly and swing back and forth as your asshole gets wrecked.