Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ass fisted until I squirted

Face down, Ass High doggy style, CH was reaming real ruff and fast, pounding my colon bend with every thrust. The dong plopped from my asshole, as he inspected the resulting gaper by spreading the ass cheeks. Given a grunt of approval, 4 fingers were jammed right up my asshole immediately to the fingers, then the thumb slid in to. He tried to push his whole hand in, telling me to hit the poppers. I did hard, and the hand slid in. he rotated his hand then pulled completely out, then back in and out again, faster and faster he went, holding me from falling over from the ruff fisting, he pulled out again. Fixed his position and started back pistoning his hand in and out of my asshole, destroying the assring, he started alternate hand fisting, really taking the hole hard. My sissy cock came 20 minutes later from it. Total session time 1hr

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