Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ass fisted until I squirted

Face down, Ass High doggy style, CH was reaming real ruff and fast, pounding my colon bend with every thrust. The dong plopped from my asshole, as he inspected the resulting gaper by spreading the ass cheeks. Given a grunt of approval, 4 fingers were jammed right up my asshole immediately to the fingers, then the thumb slid in to. He tried to push his whole hand in, telling me to hit the poppers. I did hard, and the hand slid in. he rotated his hand then pulled completely out, then back in and out again, faster and faster he went, holding me from falling over from the ruff fisting, he pulled out again. Fixed his position and started back pistoning his hand in and out of my asshole, destroying the assring, he started alternate hand fisting, really taking the hole hard. My sissy cock came 20 minutes later from it. Total session time 1hr

Friday, September 12, 2008

Techniques from a fan

Brutalize that anal ring, wreck it and tell me what you are doing to wreck your asshole muscle, OK?

You should be working that ring muscle at least 4-5 times a week, so it becomes even larger and looser.

You will get to a point, where you think it wont get any more open, wider or loose, But you will, just keep taking the asshole to the absolute limit in width and depth almost everyday, the muscle will further break down, and your sloppy cunt will become larger and larger with time, you just need to work on it.

Are u getting fisted yet?, I know your taking huge dildos into that massive cunt, but fistings will annihilate your hole even more, and you should start coming from anal, no jacking, cum from anal alone you whore. You cunt and cock should be bald at all times, not even stubble, I want it real smooth, baby oil down the baldness, looks slutty on camera.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wrecking the rectum

We spent the whole afternoon working my asshole loose, constantly dilating out my ass-ring over and over inserting large rods down my bald cock too. We were now on the last session for the afternoon, as I got into position to have my asshole destroyed again. AssDaddy loved my hole huge and hanging, and I wanted to give the biggest hole as i could. On my back, legs high over my head, he secured my ankles to the back of the bed, my ass right on the edge of the bed, totally exposed blown out asshole to work with. He snapped a large rubber-band around each nut, then a large one around the sack too, lifting and separating the nuts nicely, finally the metal cock ring to keep my little bald sissy cock hard for deep soundings. Next the big red dildo was greased, it was a real asshole destroyer at 3 inches wide. My ring was hanging loose, so i knew it might go in today. He pushed and pushed more, steady pressure and the ring started to yield. "Waaaaaaaaaa" I screamed as big red sank in the rectum. He started working the nuts, sawing the red rectum destroyer in and out of my asshole, watching the assring get pulled out, then back in. Faster and faster the dong was thrusted, nailing the back of the rectum. I pushed my hard cock straight forward offering AssDaddy my slit for sounding. The large cigarette thick sound was lubed, and he split the slit and down the rod went into my bald cock shaft, holding big red in place at the same time. When fully sounded, he snapped a small rubberband around the cock head, locking the sound in place. "Now its time to wreck that ring good" he said, picking up the pace on his thrusts, the whole rectum was complaining loudly was he pummeled the ass-ring with fast paced punches of the dong. This was sending me over the edge "Oh yea Assdaddy, wreck it, ruin my asshole, Im gonna cum real hard" I announced. He went ape shit, nailing the hole as fast and hard as possible, working the nuts in unison "Here I cum, Im gonna cum from anal-Ohhhhhhhh" I shot off hard, cum squirting from the sides of the sound, send my whole body shaking in a huge massive cum shot. I was spent, my asshole wont be closing anytime soon.