Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Punish my rectum!

Legs high above my head, ankle braclets on and tied to the head board, my asshole fully exposed for abuse. he snapped a rubber band around my nuts and baby oiled up the bald pubic area. Greasing up the large beer can thick dildo, he drove it home right up my asshole in one swift push. My asshole loose and open for him, he took advantage and pummeled the dildo hard and fast, quickly breaking down the asshole ring muscle. I hit the poppers, and the asshole really let loose. He quickly grabbed the next sized up dildo, and drilled the asshole out, working my tied off nuts in unison. The asshole was sloppy and huge as he pulled the dong out and slipped his large cock in, fucking in a circular motion he nailed the sloppy hole and rectal walls. 10 minutes later blasting a huge load on the downstroke.

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