Friday, August 1, 2008

Prolapse that rectum, Analboy!

The dong slid right up my rectum with ease, as I worked my rubberbanded off nuts. Laying on my side, my hand grabbed the base of the dong, and started hammering the asshole hard and fast, no mercy on the anal ring. The huge beer can thck dong was pulling asslips in and out, as the large 3 inch wide traingular head made mincemeat of my assring muscle, I loved it. I picked up the pace and started reaming deep into the rectum, knocking at the colon bend, I started punching the hole, each deep thrust popping into the colon bend and out. I was getting into an anal frenzy, bound in determined to wreck the ass. My little bald hard cock swinging with each thrust, I was ready to squirt off. I deep thrust right into the colon bend, then fast pullout, started prolapsing the rectum...4,5, 6 big thrusts in a row and red meat started to show. I pushed hard, liking taking a shit, and the whole rectum flowered out. I held it out, and quickly removed the rubberband around my nuts and gently banded off the redmeat, keeping it out. I started working the nuts so i can cum from anal alone, within a minute i saquirted off sending my asshole spasiming like crazy clmaping down the the prolapse, it slipped back into my asshole as the orgasm died.

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