Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 days has past

10 days has past since I had my rectum drilled out. I figured that was a long time, that my asshole ring muscle wouldbe tight as heck. Now I was back, naked, balls tied off, doggy style, preparing to take a large rubber shaft into thetight asshole. I hit the poppers hard, and waiting for the beer can thick dildo to try to stretch out my anal ring again.I felt the large head bumping again the asshole, the head popped in and the whole 9 inch long shaft sank in my rectum with ease.Little resistance of the asshole ring muscle even after 10 days. He took the ass chute hard punching my rectum, get it back in propershape, they way it should be, Loose and hanging, non closing assring...I came 15 minutes after.

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