Friday, May 23, 2008

Prepping the asshole for repeated fistings

How to prepare his asshole muscle for fisting, here is a couple of techniques to break down that assring muscle.1) Dildo work: Get a really large dildo with a sharp triangular head, a little larger than what will fit in him now (the shaft may fit butthe head should not. On his back, Legs high above his head, work his asshole to the maximum loosenes, really wreck it good.Then try to ease the large headed dildo in. Once the ring is at the fattest part of the head, it may stop and not go.Resist the urge to force it in fast, but use steady even pressure and go slow, use strong poppers. Once the head makes it past the ring, the shaft will slidein easily, and you've made it in, but dont stop and wait, immediatly start shafting his asshole out, so the chute starts getting used to the new size. Now hereis the trick, once thing are stroking nicely, on an out thrust, pull the dildo out until the head is widest right on the ring and hold. Dont let it completely out though, then thrust back in. Repeat this over and over. When you pull out and the head is right on the ring, the asshole ring muscle should volcano (take the shape of a volcano, by pulling the ring away from his body, forming that shape). The assring muscle will start to break down now, so the next time, when the ring starts to volcano, allow the head to come out, but quickly thrust back in so the asshole doesnt clam up. Repeat this over and over, occassionally vocano'ing the ring. The assmuscle will quickly loose all elasticity, and he is still hot enough, you can start fisting now.

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