Friday, April 4, 2008

Toilet Seat Technique

Get a toilet seat and mount on an open frame, so you can easily get under and have access below the seat. Ideally the seat should be mounted on a tall frame, so you have plenty of arm leverage to work your ass-ring. Rubber-band off your nuts as usual, then climb up onto the seat. Spread your ass cheeks then sit down on the seat such that the seats rim with keep them fully spread, push your bald nuts and cock, down so its below the seats rim, so assmaster has a good visual. No have him start drilling up into your rectum with the largest dongs, and use poppers, and watch your asshole really let loose on the toilet seat. Once get gets a good rhythm going, and he can punch your asshole with the large dongs, start to push like your going to the bathroom, especially when doing fast out thrusts with the large headed dildo. Soon your asshole will start to flower out and then prolapse out completely, but dont stop, keep on nailing the asshole until you get the largest inside out red meat asshole around. Your assmaster will love it!

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