Monday, March 24, 2008

Saw-Z-all techinque for breaking down the assring

We just love the sound of my loose asshole ring popping over a large headed dildo, sounds like a wine cork leaving a wine bottle. It takes a 3 inch wide dildo to make the loose assring pop like that. A special dong with a large triagular head, thats very blunt, does the job perfect. Here is our technique: The 3 inch dildo, with a 3-1/2" wide sharp triangular head does the trick. Face down ass high he plunges smaller dildos (beer can thick+) in to make the ring round, open and gaping. Greasing up the super dong, the head is placed right on the gaper, slowely the head splits the ring, at the widest portion, I hity the poppers hard a he pushes. The dong sinks home in the rectum as I scream. He stops, lets the ring get used to the size, then slowely drives deeper and deeper into the rectum, until the head bumps into the colon bend, then a swift pull out, and drive it back in hard, slowely the rectum gets used to the softball sized head, as huge tunnel is being formed. Now he picks up the pace and hammers the asshole fast and hard. the air in my rectum making loud noises. Now he starts complete pull outs, and punches back in, nailing the ring on the inthrust, then popping the ring on the outthrusts. Over and over, the ring muscle breaks down and the popping and rectal noises fill the air. Sometime you can see red rectum come out when he pulls out real fast, then go back in.

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