Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Rectal Marathon part 1

The plan was to pound my assring all day, until the whole ring muscle gives up, to turn my rectum into a fisting hole. AssDaddy has big hands, large forearms and huge biceps, and he wanted his hole arm, at least to the elbow up my slutty asshole by the end of the day. For the past month he has been working on the assring and chute breaking down the ring almost everyday. It was beginning to work. For the past week, large objects just sink in the hole with ease. Deeper and deeper he is able to shove large things into my rectum, bumping into the colon bend, sometimes popping in and out of the bend muscle on occasion. He also loves to see my piss slit deeply sounding, then watching it squirt out, when he punished the assring with dildos. After 60 rectum training sessions, it was time to totally blow out the ring and fist it until it rosebudded over and over.
I shaved my pubes real smooth in the morning and I arrived at 7:30 am that Friday morning to start the marathon, i was stripped immediately upon entering, and was handed a beer. AssDaddy new if i was tipsy, he could take advantage and really work over the hole hard and long, and avoid a premature cum-shot. I slugged down the beer. We sat down and watch some hardcore fisting porn, as I cracked another beer and chugged it down. I started to feel tipsy already as i watched some guys whole rectum prolapse from a hard fisting on TV. I know mine would be in that condition one day, that was our goal. The DVD was getting both of us hot, so we decided to get started, I chugged down the rest of my beer and headed for the bathroom, grabbing a beer on the way. It took me only 10 minutes to clean out, sipping on the beer. Assdaddy was getting the chute missles ready to destroy the ring, he was so neat meticulous, getting everything setup in the bedroom. Once cleaned out, I was my asshole off good and all around, snapped a rubberband around each nut individually, then one around the entire sack it self, then the metal cock ring. I put clothespins on the nips and headed for the bedroom. Going into my usual position doggy style, Assdaddy attacked my asshole with his tongue, burying right into my loose asshole. He ate like a mad-man, working my nuts and cock with hands. he baby-oiled up my pubes, balls and asshole. (it looks so slutty, bald, oil shiny with tied off nuts), and started finger fucking my asshole, easing 3 fingers in for a start, asshole offering little resistance. 4 fingers to the knuckles, now moving them in in and out alternating hands. It was big dildo time. He did not start small, immediately going for the red rectum destroyer dong, a massive 3 inch wide x 12 inch long asshole punisher. He greased it up and told me
"Get ready to get your ring wrecked slut"
He pushed the mighty dong at my loose open asshole, he pushed harder, the ring started to yield, a big push and
"Ohhh my asshole, oh shit my ring!!" I screamed
as the mighty red rectum destroyer sank home, he pushed deeper until it bottomed out in my rectum. He got a firm grip on the end and I hit the poppers hard, and hung on. He started thrusting it in and out of my asshole slowly, my asshole was taking it, and slowley expanding larger. He noticed and started picking up the pace, faster and faster. I hit the poppers again, and went face down, hiking up my ass...
"Oh yea Daddy wreck my asshole, destroy that ring" I yelled in lust
"Fuck slut, your hole will never close when Im Done!" He said
He went ape shit with the dong, hammering it like a jackhammer in my chute, you could here the rectum complaining loudly, but taking it good. I hiked my asshole up even higher, so he could drill straight down into the rectum hard, getting even greater depth, the dong started popping into the colon bend with almost every thrust. Over and over he popped it into the colon bend, trying to wear out the inner ring too. Finally the whole dong, all 12 inches slid in, only the handle remained. He was well into the colon bend.
"Now for some depth work, let me get the squash" he said
The butternut squash's head had about the same width as the red dildo that just destroyed my asshole, but had a massive 15 inch neck that curved slightly. He greased it up. "The squash is hard and unforgiving on the ring, it maybe harder to insert. Here goes" He said
He pushed, my assring having no elasticity at this point it sunk in, then all the was to the back of the chute
"Ohhh my chute, gawd thats deep" I moaned, hitting the poppers again
"Hold tight, I'm going to move it around and search for your colon bend opening" he said
He gently spun the curved veggie and prodded slightly, over and over. he found the opening and popped into the colon bend, slightly, my eyes got large as he straightened out my bend.
"Found it, Im going deep into you now, hit the poppers again" He said,
holding the squash buried 12 inches into me, I hit the poppers again, he worked my nuts and inch by inch drove the veggie into my lower colon, deeper and deeper, 12, 13 14 then 16 inches way up into me, he had the whole colon bend straightened out.
"Good boy, buried to the hilt in your slutty asshole, we need to work on depth every day so your entire chute can easily take 16 inches" he said
he started stroking the veggie, deep the entire length in and out of the bend, nailing both the asshole ring muscle and the colon bend muscle over and over. My bald cock was going to cum from the depth work, i told him so.
"Dont you dare cum you asshole slut, I want you to cum fully sounded for the first cum shot of the marathon" he said
We stopped working my banded off nuts, but it was too late
"Im cumming from anal, oooooooooooooo" I announced
My whole body shook as the massive cum shot, send me into convulsions
"You slut, I told you not to come, now your rings are gonna get punished more, Im gonna punch fist you so hard, your asshole will be mincemeat, now go rest, and get ready for a 2nd session he said

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