Monday, March 3, 2008

He pumped out my rectum!

Today he used a combination of a beer can thick dildo and a large penis tube, with a high end electrical vacuum pumping system. First, the asshole ring muscle was well conditioned and broken down using the large dildo, after 15 minutes of punch fucking the dong hard, my asshole was hanging badly. He flipped the switch, and the pump sprang to life, adjusting the vacuum level to moderate. He placed the tube over my hanging asslips, the sucked into the tube and began to swell. It was held there as the lips got larger and larger, red rectum started to come out, Quickly the tube was removed and the dong slammed right up to the hilt, pushing the lips and meat back into the hole. On the out-thrust, the meat came back out. Over an over he punched my wrecked hole,counting off 50 punches, the tube was palced back over the hole, and the vacuum adjusted higher, More meat in the tube and hold. This was repeated over and over, until the last pumping was at the highest setting, the rectum let loose all at once, and the whole tube filled with ready meat. It was held there, then slowly removed. My whole rectum hung outside in a huge rosebudded flower with a small slit in the middle. A large sound was slid into the rectal slit and fucked the hanging rosebud, with his fingers on one hand forming a ring, he held the rectum prolapse like a cock..keeping it outside, until a large rubberband snapped around the base of the rosebudd, holding it out as he played. I cam so hard from it.

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