Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colon Bend work

AssDaddy wanted to work on depth today, get really far up into the rectum and colon bend. If he repeatdly popped into the colon bend, his whole chute would straighten out for some 14-15 inch deep penetrations, creating the huge tunnel, that assdaddy liked to hear and see. The armadillo dong has somewhat fat, very flexible and 14 inches insertable, right to the balled handle. The balls made a perfect handle for the long smooth stokes into his boy sluts colon. With his nuts properly banded off. AssDaddy pummeled his hole into submission, until his assring hung open, working his nuts, bringing him to the point of cumming then denying the cum shot, keep him horny to get his asshole destroyed. The warm up dongs are beer can thick, workes both the ring muscle but are long enough to bump into the colon bend with every jackhammering thrust. "You ready for some depth slut?, get way up into you, work the colon bend, so one day I can elbow deep fist your worn out asshole" the assdaddy said. "On your knees, face down asshigh..Yea, jack the ass up, show Daddy how much you like anal" Assdaddy said. The slut did ashe was told. The whole length of the armadillo dong was lubed. It slid right into his open asshole with ease, the ring offering little resistance. At 9 inches he bottomed out in his rectum, he could feel the Arm's head bumping into the sluts bend. Slowley he prodded the colon bend searching for the opening. He popped the ARM"s head into the bend, and the sluts moan and leaking cock told him he found it. He started popping the dong head in and out of the bend over and over, to get used to it. The next time he popped in, he drove the dong deeper, then out, 10, 11 and 12 inches slid up into him and out. The next push drove the armadillo dong the entire 14 inches until the handle rested on the boys open assring. He started stroking the huge dong its entire length in and out, you could here the dong going in and out the second inner ring, straightening out his colon over and over. He started working his nuts so he would cum, 5 minutes and he blasted hard from a hard in thrust way up into him....

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