Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rubberbanding off the nuts technique

Here is a great way to work the nuts:
get some #64 rubberbands (these are the thicker ones, about 1/4 wide and 2 inches long)
Grab the nuts, double the rubberband and band off each nut individually, this will isolate and separate the nuts, now use a another rubberband doubled, around the whole nutsack. This will lift and seperate the nuts even more. A final rubberband around the nuts ands cock too, will totallly bind the cock and balls. Now you can attach a string to the rubberband around the nut sack, so the nuts can be pulled or tied off to a solid object. Finally some baby oil, and oil down my shaved pubes, cock and balls. Now work my nuts with a huge dildo in my asshole, while pulling on the string, and my hard sissy cock will shoot off like crazy.

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