Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rectal Destruction Marathon Coming

The rectal marathon is planned for Sunday 2/24 and Monday 2/25, with 12 sessions planned for the two days, including photos and piss slit fucking as well. A new video (WMV) will be posted of one of the sessions, site will be updated with photos and Videos on Monday 2/25. Here are the details:
    Anal Marthon Regulations / Rules
  1. Anal cum shots only-No jacking.

  2. Minimum 6 sessions per day, 12 total.

  3. Optional LATE NIGHT drill job on Sunday Night.

  4. Must be pre-shaved real smooth before Marathon begins.

  5. 1 mandatory piss slit fuckings

  6. At least 5 total pictures are to be taken, processing at end of marathon only.

  7. 1 shaved pubes required midway thru marathon.

  8. Red Rectum destroyer cores the chute each session.

  9. Red Rectum destroyer, at least 50 punchings each time.

  10. Publish Blogs each day

  11. Calendar updates as required.

  12. Clothespinnned nips as often as capable.

  13. Double nut banding all sessions.

  14. Baby oiled pubes are required during sessions.

  15. Prolapse his rectum as many times as possible

  16. No Undies allowed

2/24 4:pm to 2/25 4pm, Total Rectal Destruction is the goal. If you can get the sluts rectum to prolapse, rubber-band or tie of the rectal meat and keep nailing the hole. No more than 3 men at a time, working over his holes at one time. Ideally one guy fucking his piss slit, one on the asshole, and the third assisting. Nail his asshole!

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