Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh yea-Up the rectum

"Oh yea!, right up the rectum" -I screamed as he pushed the full sized eggplant fat end first right up my rectal-chute, The whole thing sunk in my rectum filling my entire cavity all at once. "Oh yea complete insertion-rectal tunnel coming soon!" as I watched the nub end sticking out of my worn out asshole. The idea was to sink it home right up the rectum, then push it out with out hands helping, repeat over and over until a rosebud forms when it plops out, prolapsing the rectum out. The first push out, only made puffy ass lips, he sunk it home again. 2nd and third attempt started making the asshole come out. By the 5th time, red meat was coming out 1 to 2 inches, forming a red meat like tube. This was getting hot. Sink it home, push it out, Assdaddy working my nuts at the same time "Oh yea here it comes-Push hard". I did, a huge reosebud came out, I came hard at the same time, causing my asshole ring muscle to pulsate around the rectal rosebud. AssDaddy jacking off from the hot scene, came hard creaming the rosebud in cum.

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