Monday, February 4, 2008

Nailing my ass-ring muscle

He was struggling to get the massive 3 inch wide dong, past the anal ring. The ring was right at the 3 inch widest part, a little more and it would sink into my rectum, doggy style. I told him to stop pushing, and just hold with steady pressure. A big hit of poppers, and I pushed back the head went a little more, then the whole thing sunk in my chute, I screamed from the width,as he held it there so my asshole got used to it. Slowly he pumped the rectum with the dong, getting longer and longer strokes going. I screamed out in lust "Nail my ass-ring, ruin my rectum", and he hammered the hole home as fast and hard as possible, My hole was quickly getting sore, but I held on for more punishment until I started to come, then he stopped, pulled out, to inspect the totally blown out asshole. Total session time: 1 hour

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