Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Armadillo Dildo

On my back legs high, He had on hand on the tied off nuts and one reaming out my asshole at high speed with the new Armadillo Dong (see picture), 14 inch long x 3 inches wide, perfect for nailing the colon bend, wrecking that inner ring. That was todays goal, up into the colon bend and straighten out the entire chute 14 inches up into me. Right now he was thrusting in and out, very fast about 9 inches, bottoming out in the rectum with every thrust, working the nuts in unison, the next thrust slid into the colon bend, he felt in and slowed his pace,gettinginto the bend now every slow thrust, driving deeper and deeper, 10, 11 12 inches, then buried, all 14 inches..I started to cum in gut wrenching orgasms. The session took 1 hour.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Homemade Rectum Destroyer

Homemade Rectum destroyer-A blood pressure checking bag can be used to stretch out the asshole ring farther than ever before, os the asshole remains hanging for long periods. Remove the cloth wrapping and you will find you have a rubber inflatablepillow. Flatten this out and roll it up/Grease. Insert into his rectum. Start pumping. This can expand up to 5 inches (12.7 cm) in diameter totally ruining his anal ring and rectum. Play with it, Pump it up, hold, let it out, repeat, total assring blowout....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh yea-Up the rectum

"Oh yea!, right up the rectum" -I screamed as he pushed the full sized eggplant fat end first right up my rectal-chute, The whole thing sunk in my rectum filling my entire cavity all at once. "Oh yea complete insertion-rectal tunnel coming soon!" as I watched the nub end sticking out of my worn out asshole. The idea was to sink it home right up the rectum, then push it out with out hands helping, repeat over and over until a rosebud forms when it plops out, prolapsing the rectum out. The first push out, only made puffy ass lips, he sunk it home again. 2nd and third attempt started making the asshole come out. By the 5th time, red meat was coming out 1 to 2 inches, forming a red meat like tube. This was getting hot. Sink it home, push it out, Assdaddy working my nuts at the same time "Oh yea here it comes-Push hard". I did, a huge reosebud came out, I came hard at the same time, causing my asshole ring muscle to pulsate around the rectal rosebud. AssDaddy jacking off from the hot scene, came hard creaming the rosebud in cum.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rectal Destruction Marathon Coming

The rectal marathon is planned for Sunday 2/24 and Monday 2/25, with 12 sessions planned for the two days, including photos and piss slit fucking as well. A new video (WMV) will be posted of one of the sessions, site will be updated with photos and Videos on Monday 2/25. Here are the details:
    Anal Marthon Regulations / Rules
  1. Anal cum shots only-No jacking.

  2. Minimum 6 sessions per day, 12 total.

  3. Optional LATE NIGHT drill job on Sunday Night.

  4. Must be pre-shaved real smooth before Marathon begins.

  5. 1 mandatory piss slit fuckings

  6. At least 5 total pictures are to be taken, processing at end of marathon only.

  7. 1 shaved pubes required midway thru marathon.

  8. Red Rectum destroyer cores the chute each session.

  9. Red Rectum destroyer, at least 50 punchings each time.

  10. Publish Blogs each day

  11. Calendar updates as required.

  12. Clothespinnned nips as often as capable.

  13. Double nut banding all sessions.

  14. Baby oiled pubes are required during sessions.

  15. Prolapse his rectum as many times as possible

  16. No Undies allowed

2/24 4:pm to 2/25 4pm, Total Rectal Destruction is the goal. If you can get the sluts rectum to prolapse, rubber-band or tie of the rectal meat and keep nailing the hole. No more than 3 men at a time, working over his holes at one time. Ideally one guy fucking his piss slit, one on the asshole, and the third assisting. Nail his asshole!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Severe rectal prolapse

Today assdady really cored out my asschute today. My whole rectum was a huge tunnel all the way to the back where the colon bend starts. He started out with a beer can thick dildo, punching it in and out, listening to the noises my chute was creating. Then my ass ring totally gave out. He decided to move larger.The red rectum destroyer dong had a head the size of a softball, a nice shaft and a firm handle to power it up my rectum. He greased the destroyer, It hit the poppers, The head dented in the assring, more pushing, the giant head split the assring, and sunk in the rectum. I screamed from the anal abuse, but loved it. He held the dong there, getting a firm grip on the handle. My assring began to further loosen around the 3 inch shaft. With one hand on my butt cheek for support, he started working the giant dong in and out of my asshole. He picked up the pace, nailing the asshole with long swift strokes."Oh yea, Wreck my asshole Daddy, Im gonna blast" I screamed in lust. He started punching fucking my asshole hard, pulling the assring muscle out with every thrust. I knew my rectum was about prolapse/rosebud. A deep thrust, and quick pull, out and I cam hard, convulsing cum shot, my asshole went into spasms, as my asshole bloomed into a huge rosebud, alot of rectum came out, flowered and went back in. He quickly grabbed the large penis vacuum pump, placed it over the rosebud, and pumped the red meat into the tube, then let the vacuum off to reveal a extremly large prolapsed rosebud, My asshole did not close for a couple hours after that session.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rubberbanding off the nuts technique

Here is a great way to work the nuts:
get some #64 rubberbands (these are the thicker ones, about 1/4 wide and 2 inches long)
Grab the nuts, double the rubberband and band off each nut individually, this will isolate and separate the nuts, now use a another rubberband doubled, around the whole nutsack. This will lift and seperate the nuts even more. A final rubberband around the nuts ands cock too, will totallly bind the cock and balls. Now you can attach a string to the rubberband around the nut sack, so the nuts can be pulled or tied off to a solid object. Finally some baby oil, and oil down my shaved pubes, cock and balls. Now work my nuts with a huge dildo in my asshole, while pulling on the string, and my hard sissy cock will shoot off like crazy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Nailing my ass-ring muscle

He was struggling to get the massive 3 inch wide dong, past the anal ring. The ring was right at the 3 inch widest part, a little more and it would sink into my rectum, doggy style. I told him to stop pushing, and just hold with steady pressure. A big hit of poppers, and I pushed back the head went a little more, then the whole thing sunk in my chute, I screamed from the width,as he held it there so my asshole got used to it. Slowly he pumped the rectum with the dong, getting longer and longer strokes going. I screamed out in lust "Nail my ass-ring, ruin my rectum", and he hammered the hole home as fast and hard as possible, My hole was quickly getting sore, but I held on for more punishment until I started to come, then he stopped, pulled out, to inspect the totally blown out asshole. Total session time: 1 hour