Thursday, January 24, 2008

Extreme Depth Session

He was going for depth today, a thin 14 inch dildo, slid right into my rectum with ease, until it bottomed out, hitting the bend at 9 inches in depth. sliding in and out he probed for the colon bend opening, the head popped into the colon bend and slowly slid all 14 inches up into my colon bend. I could feel the extreme depth penetration, all 14 inches up into me. He began to move it in and out, then faster and faster, continually popping in and out of the bend, straightening it out. I am normally an anal width whore, taking the widest dildos with ease into my rectum, but this was hot, He was picking up the pace, nailing the colon bend. He stopped. Got some baby oil and a thick rubber band. He doubled the rubber band, and snapped it around my nuts, isolating them off, then oiled down by bald pubic area, balls and cock. Then he went back to depth work, now working my nuts and cock in unison, causing me a cum shot so hard, my whole body shook. Total session time :1 hour

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