Monday, January 21, 2008

Double fucked

The beer can thick dildo was working my rectal chute. In and out fast and hard, he was nailing the open loose hole, so loose was the ass-ring, that the dildo punched in and out with ease. I was watching my asshole get mutilated in the mirror, as he handed me a pencil thick sound, and instructed me to fuck my piss slit, while he continued the asshole assault. I greased the sound, split my slit and slid that rod right into my slit, down to the base. AssDaddy continued reaming my asshole to shreds, the other hand went for my cock, his hard wrapped around my small 5 inch cock, his thumb firmly pushed the rod completely into my cock hole, and held it there. He started punch fucking the dildo hard. It sent me over the edge, a huge load squirting from the sides of the metal rod, As I came like a whore again from anal. Total session time: 1 hour

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