Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baseball Bat punching

After constant punch-fucking my asshole loose with a beer can thick dildo, my hole hung open like worn out meat, as Assdaddy greased up a full sized baseball bat for my battered rectum. A thick coat of lube on the fat part, a good 13 inches down the bat shaft. I was about to get my asshole pummeled good. The wide bat end was pushed near my worn out asshole, a push, the bat dented in the assring and sunk in my rectum quicker and deeply. He continued to apply pressure and deeper the 3 inch wooden bat shaft went up my chute, bottoming out at the anal bend, he started pulling out for the first in-thrust. The hard wooden bat pulling the assring out, then aching as it pushed back in. I did poppers as he started long slow thrustings into my rectum, My asshole went limp, and he nailed the hole, almost punching the bat in and out of my wrecked asshole, very ruff anal abuse. Workig my nuts in unison, I was about to blow, he picked up the pace, I shot off a hard cum shot.

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