Thursday, January 24, 2008

Extreme Depth Session

He was going for depth today, a thin 14 inch dildo, slid right into my rectum with ease, until it bottomed out, hitting the bend at 9 inches in depth. sliding in and out he probed for the colon bend opening, the head popped into the colon bend and slowly slid all 14 inches up into my colon bend. I could feel the extreme depth penetration, all 14 inches up into me. He began to move it in and out, then faster and faster, continually popping in and out of the bend, straightening it out. I am normally an anal width whore, taking the widest dildos with ease into my rectum, but this was hot, He was picking up the pace, nailing the colon bend. He stopped. Got some baby oil and a thick rubber band. He doubled the rubber band, and snapped it around my nuts, isolating them off, then oiled down by bald pubic area, balls and cock. Then he went back to depth work, now working my nuts and cock in unison, causing me a cum shot so hard, my whole body shook. Total session time :1 hour

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cumming from anal

No need to jack my cock anymore, make sure a large rubberband is around the nuts, and your fist is punching my asshole out and Ill shoot from anal alone. Happens every session now.

Double fucked

The beer can thick dildo was working my rectal chute. In and out fast and hard, he was nailing the open loose hole, so loose was the ass-ring, that the dildo punched in and out with ease. I was watching my asshole get mutilated in the mirror, as he handed me a pencil thick sound, and instructed me to fuck my piss slit, while he continued the asshole assault. I greased the sound, split my slit and slid that rod right into my slit, down to the base. AssDaddy continued reaming my asshole to shreds, the other hand went for my cock, his hard wrapped around my small 5 inch cock, his thumb firmly pushed the rod completely into my cock hole, and held it there. He started punch fucking the dildo hard. It sent me over the edge, a huge load squirting from the sides of the metal rod, As I came like a whore again from anal. Total session time: 1 hour

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cumming from anal now

He was nailing my asshole at high speed with a beer can thick dildo, working my rubber-banded off nuts in unison, trying to milk a load out of me from anal alone. The dong plopped out as he rammed for finger up to the knuckles into my rectum with ease, I hit the poppers hard and he eased his entire hand into my asshole, my assring gripped his wrist as he began working the open accepting chute. His other hand went for the banded off nuts again. "Cum you slut, cum from my fist in your asshole" he yelled, he picked up the pace of the fisting of my asshole, almost punch fucking the mutilated hole, I announced I was going to cum from anal. He pulled on my nuts, pulling my cock straight down, pummeling the hole hard, I screamed as load after load was milked from my cock from fisting.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baseball Bat punching

After constant punch-fucking my asshole loose with a beer can thick dildo, my hole hung open like worn out meat, as Assdaddy greased up a full sized baseball bat for my battered rectum. A thick coat of lube on the fat part, a good 13 inches down the bat shaft. I was about to get my asshole pummeled good. The wide bat end was pushed near my worn out asshole, a push, the bat dented in the assring and sunk in my rectum quicker and deeply. He continued to apply pressure and deeper the 3 inch wooden bat shaft went up my chute, bottoming out at the anal bend, he started pulling out for the first in-thrust. The hard wooden bat pulling the assring out, then aching as it pushed back in. I did poppers as he started long slow thrustings into my rectum, My asshole went limp, and he nailed the hole, almost punching the bat in and out of my wrecked asshole, very ruff anal abuse. Workig my nuts in unison, I was about to blow, he picked up the pace, I shot off a hard cum shot.