Monday, December 17, 2007

Crank that speculum on the assring

After a considerable amount of large dildo reaming and punching, Ass dady was applying gob of vaseline to the new large speculum, especicially made for horse and cows., Able to crank a horses rectum to a 8 inch width and hold., the blades were 10 inches long, as he closed the device and slipped the ends of the blades in, slowely not to hurt the assmucle, it slid in, feeling his way until he felt the baldes were right on the asshole ring muscle. He held it steady. He slowely squezzed the handle, the blades expanded out the ring muscle until the muscle offered resistance at about 2 inches wide. He locked it into place at this width, and turned his attention to my other hole, the piss slit. My cock was used to being expanded open over a pencil thick sound, and the baby slid right into the pee hole and down the shaft, he fucked my slit in and out, as he began to crank the asshole wider and wider, at 3 inches in width, my ring was strecthed like a drum and he was fucking my piss slit like crazy begging me to cum like this, I shot off hard, my assmuscle clamping down on the speculum with hard anal spasms, destroying the ring muscle.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sammi Reams my rectum

With my nuts tied off tight and My ankles secured to the bed posts, Sammy was horny, ramming my asshole with the 2 inch x 9 inch long dildo, long powerful strokes drove up my rectum, banging into my colon bend opening. He started working my nuts as he picked up speed on the dildo. My asshole complaining loudly as he began punching the dildo in and out, wrecking my asshole. He slammed it home, and starting working his fingers along the sides of the dong, two finger from each hand worked there way in. He found the asshole ring muscle with the four fingers and started prying the ring apart, almost ripping my asshole ring. Pryed open to the max, he told me to come. When I come my asshole spasms Violently, and being forced open like this, surely would quickly break down the ring muscle. I worked my tied off nuts, until i was about to explode. I announced my cum shot to Sammy, as he pried apart as hard as he could. A gut wrenching cum shot brought on violent anal spasms, I thought my ring was tearing, but it was not. Total session time: 1 hour

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Perverted Old Man fucks

Another day I found myself in the old mans, living room sofa, he had me naked, my butt cheeks spread wide, butt fucking me with his tongue. Getting his entire tongue up my asschute, he ate out the hole hard, almost chewing on my asshole ring, which had become swollen and large. My asshole puckered out and gaped open about size of a golfball, This turned him on, and he mounted me from behind, grabbed my shoulders, He was using full strokes, sliding all 10 inches of his meat completely out of me and then plunging back into my gaping asshole (which wasn't even thinking of closing up) as he butt-fucked me like a whore. He was pile-driving me with all his strength. Burying his cock up to the root, he held my small body tight against his and ground his hips in a circular motion against my buttocks, opening and loosening my rectum progressively until it became a slick, gaping tunnel leading up into my colon. He growled dangerously, slapping my hanging balls and pulling me hard back against him with every thrust until my teeth were chattering. His cock head expanded as he creamed my rectum chute. Total session time:1hr

Monday, December 3, 2007

He was pushing and pushing, but the 3-1/2 inch wide triangular head on the dong, just dented in the assring. We switched our positions, We wanted to see my assring sink over the dong head bad. I hit the poppers and pushed back on the dong, he powered it forward, my assring was opening, the dong sunk home, sending me screaming into the pillows, I thought it tore my ring, but he slowely worked the dong in and out of my rectum, the assring muscle got used to it, so he went faster and faster, nailing the hole. I screamed out loud "Ruin my asshole, Im gonna cum so hard", causing him to go as fast as he could, slappig my nuts around too, I shot off hard.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Piss slit fucked

On my back on the bed, my sissy 5 inch bald cock sticking straight out rock hard, he began probing my piss slit with a pencil thick sound in an out cock head deep, then deeper down the shaft, 3, 4 then 5 inches all the way down the cock shaft, He fucked thi slit in and out for about 5 minutes, then buried it deep, and turned his attention to my slutty bald asshole. He flipped me over as I held the sound firmly in place and began expanding my asshole with dildos.He reached under and grabbed my bald little hard cock. His thumb was placed over the end of my cock head fully seating the sound in my slit, he reamed the asshole with the dildo with the other hand, after 10 minutes of this rectal/piss slit expansion, it wss gonna make me come, I announced my cum shot, and he let the thumb off the sound end, as its slowely exited the slit and fell onto the bed my gaping pee hole shot off, producing a huge cum shot that spasmed my asshole.