Monday, October 29, 2007

Assring Muscle Mutilation

Assdaddy had my asshole spread over a large shampoo bottle, holding the assshole ring muscle at maximum dilation for 15 minutes now. The large zuchinni was greased up real good, and the bottle plopped out. The zuchnini split the assring open and plowed into my rectum with ease. I was made to hold it there as he snapped a large rubberband around my shaved nuts, and proceeded to baby oileds down my whole bald cock and nut area, pumping the veggie in and out to keep my little cock rock hard. He was preparing my asshole for his largest dong, massive 4 inch mushroom head on a 3 inch shaft. I was ready. Assdady aimed the monster dong at my hole and pushed, the head almost ripped my assring muscle as the dong sunk home, he held it there, working my nuts. He started thrusting the dong, hoping I would come from it. The dong battered my coclon bend, sending me over the edge, cumming as he worked my nuts and asshole in unison.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eggplant in the rectum

Assdaddy wanted to see a large eggplant sink fat in first into my rectum. The massive 4 inch wide veggie was really greasy, sitting next to me, as Assdaddy was plunging a large dildo in my asshole, prepping it. My bald cock was swinging with each thrust, making AssDaddy even hotter for anal. He poured baby oil in his other hand, and oiled down my little hard cock, while he continued pounding the rectal cavity. The 3" dong was litterly falling in my asshole, and I knew the eggplant was coming. The dong left my asshole with a plop and he pushed the veggie at the assring. My asshole spread and he drove it home, grabbed my oiled down cock and stroked it, holding the eggplant firmly embedded in my rectum, until I came my loose assring spasming around the large veggie

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rectum Wrecker Dong Ordered

The new dildo had arrived, a 3.5 inch wide shaft with a 4 inch head, total rectum wrecker. I was doggy style, face down, ass high. AssDaddy plunging a large dong into my ass chute working my tied off nuts in unison, prepping it for the new dong. A hit of poppers and my asshoole let completly loose, and he cored out my asschute hard and fast, greasing the monster dong between thrusts. The smaller dong plopped out and was replaced by the new dildo. Th emassive head dented in the assring, I hit the poppers again, the Assdady Daddy applied more pressure, My assring yielded, and the dong sank 9 inches up my rectum in one big push. I screamed as my rectum was filled to capacity, He held it there allowing my asshole to get used to its size. My assring was burning from the severe stretching it just took, as he began to saw the enormous dong in and out of my open loose asshole. Picking up the pace, my asshole was really making noise, I was getting ready to squirt off already. A soon as he worked my tied off nuts at the same time, I cam like a whore, hard and loud.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Devastated the ass-ring

I was traveling. Alone in my hotel room, with a large 1 liter water bottle filled with warm/hot water. The idea was to stretch the assring muscle to its maximum limit, and then hold it there for 45 minutes to an 1 hour, to wreck the assring muscle even more. I sunk it home, it stretched the assring tight like a drum, I layed on the bed, rubberbanded off the nuts and waited, after 50 minutes, the bottle slid out, and the ring remained extremely dilated for a long time, before shrinking down. I repeated this, every night in the hotel for 3 days, devastating the assring.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Milked Dry from anal

They bound me down with rope, doggy style to the bed, put a cock ring on me and also tied of the nutsack with a large rubberband, My bald cock baby oiled down, as the other slammed a huge dong up my rectum. They worked my asshole and cock and balls in unision, milking load after load out of me for an hour.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nail the assring!

Doggy style, Assdaddy David sunk the medium sized dong into my open loose asshole, he pushed it until the donh head hit the colon bend, then slowely withdrawl, until it popped out. He powered it back into the rectum, the pulled out again, and drilled it again, my asshole began to loosen more. He started picking up the pace, nailing the asshole with long mean stroke. I hit the poppers, and relaxed, allowing ass daddy to take the hole to the maximum, my asshole let loose, and he grabbed the largest dildo. The massive head split my assring and the dong filled the rectum in one push. I screamed as he went into high spead reaming with my largest dong, nailing the asshole working my tied off nuts. I came from anal 10 minutes later.

Trashed out assring

I was on my back legs high, ass right on the edge of the bed, TJ had two fingers fucking my loose asshole, swirling and probing, preparing the asshole for an extreme workout. With my nuts tightly rubberbanded off, he baby oiled up my cock, getting it rock hard, my ass was starting to loosen, so he got the large dildo, aimed the head at my open asshole, and powered it right up my chute, he slowly pulled it completely out, then plowed it right back in to the hilt, he did this 4 times, until my asshole easily accepted the whole dong. Then he started jackhammering the hole with long swift strokes, nailing the asshole good. I took a deep hit of poppers, spread my ass cheeks, and let himdrill out my rectum at high speed. Im not allowed to cum, until the largest dong enters the rectum. He picked up that dong, really greased it down, and pushed it at my asshole, the assring spread wide and the monster filled my whole rectal cavity as its sunk home. Assdaddy worked my nuts and the dong at the same time, Until my cock shot off. Totally trashing out the hole.

Back on track-Rectal Destruction

Things are starting to pickup since two sadistic asshole wreckers have been found and initial sessionshave been successful. Looks like they fit the description that we need. T.B. just loves to totally bind Analboy down and ream out his asshole with large objects while probing his piss slit in unison. In the initial session, Analboy did a huge cum shout with a pencil thick sound fully inserted in his cock. The following session, a day later W.A. slammed Analboy's asshole with the largest dongs, milking load after load out of him. Amazing, that even after a dry period of about a month, his asshole open right up, with W.A splitting his assring muscle to a 3 inch width with little effort. Looks like we are back on track for more rectum destruction. Stay tuned for new pics.

Self Rectal Mutilation

On my back legs high over my head, the bottom of my feet firmly placed on the rail above me was a great position. I poised the beer can thick dildo right above my loose asshole and the plunged right into the rectum hard and fast, sinking in the full 9 inches to the hilt. I pulled compeltly out, and plunged back in a second time, then a third. My asshole gaped open loose, and I started nailing my asshole, punishing the assring with the giant head. If i do it real ruff and fast, my cock comes from anal. I shot off in 15 minutes.

Sam takes the asshole

With my nuts tied off tight and My ankles secured to the bed posts, Sammy was horny, ramming my asshole with the 2 inch x 9 inch long dildo, long powerful strokes drove up my rectum, banging into my colon bend opening. He started working my nuts as he picked up speed on the dildo. My asshole complaining loudly as he began punching the dildo in and out, wrecking my asshole. He slammed it home, and starting working his fingers along the sides of the dong, two finger from each hand worked there way in. He found the asshole ring muscle with the four fingers and started prying the ring apart, almost ripping my asshole ring. Pryed open to the max, he told me to come. When I come my asshole spasmsViolently, and being forced open like this, surely would quickly break down the ring muscle. I worked my tied off nuts, until i was about to explode. I announced my cum shot to Sammy, as he pried apart as hard as he could. A gut wrenching cum shot brought on violent anal spasms, I thought my ring was tearing, but it was not. Total session time: 1 hour