Friday, December 14, 2007

Sammi Reams my rectum

With my nuts tied off tight and My ankles secured to the bed posts, Sammy was horny, ramming my asshole with the 2 inch x 9 inch long dildo, long powerful strokes drove up my rectum, banging into my colon bend opening. He started working my nuts as he picked up speed on the dildo. My asshole complaining loudly as he began punching the dildo in and out, wrecking my asshole. He slammed it home, and starting working his fingers along the sides of the dong, two finger from each hand worked there way in. He found the asshole ring muscle with the four fingers and started prying the ring apart, almost ripping my asshole ring. Pryed open to the max, he told me to come. When I come my asshole spasms Violently, and being forced open like this, surely would quickly break down the ring muscle. I worked my tied off nuts, until i was about to explode. I announced my cum shot to Sammy, as he pried apart as hard as he could. A gut wrenching cum shot brought on violent anal spasms, I thought my ring was tearing, but it was not. Total session time: 1 hour

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