Sunday, December 2, 2007

Piss slit fucked

On my back on the bed, my sissy 5 inch bald cock sticking straight out rock hard, he began probing my piss slit with a pencil thick sound in an out cock head deep, then deeper down the shaft, 3, 4 then 5 inches all the way down the cock shaft, He fucked thi slit in and out for about 5 minutes, then buried it deep, and turned his attention to my slutty bald asshole. He flipped me over as I held the sound firmly in place and began expanding my asshole with dildos.He reached under and grabbed my bald little hard cock. His thumb was placed over the end of my cock head fully seating the sound in my slit, he reamed the asshole with the dildo with the other hand, after 10 minutes of this rectal/piss slit expansion, it wss gonna make me come, I announced my cum shot, and he let the thumb off the sound end, as its slowely exited the slit and fell onto the bed my gaping pee hole shot off, producing a huge cum shot that spasmed my asshole.

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