Sunday, December 9, 2007

Perverted Old Man fucks

Another day I found myself in the old mans, living room sofa, he had me naked, my butt cheeks spread wide, butt fucking me with his tongue. Getting his entire tongue up my asschute, he ate out the hole hard, almost chewing on my asshole ring, which had become swollen and large. My asshole puckered out and gaped open about size of a golfball, This turned him on, and he mounted me from behind, grabbed my shoulders, He was using full strokes, sliding all 10 inches of his meat completely out of me and then plunging back into my gaping asshole (which wasn't even thinking of closing up) as he butt-fucked me like a whore. He was pile-driving me with all his strength. Burying his cock up to the root, he held my small body tight against his and ground his hips in a circular motion against my buttocks, opening and loosening my rectum progressively until it became a slick, gaping tunnel leading up into my colon. He growled dangerously, slapping my hanging balls and pulling me hard back against him with every thrust until my teeth were chattering. His cock head expanded as he creamed my rectum chute. Total session time:1hr

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