Monday, December 17, 2007

Crank that speculum on the assring

After a considerable amount of large dildo reaming and punching, Ass dady was applying gob of vaseline to the new large speculum, especicially made for horse and cows., Able to crank a horses rectum to a 8 inch width and hold., the blades were 10 inches long, as he closed the device and slipped the ends of the blades in, slowely not to hurt the assmucle, it slid in, feeling his way until he felt the baldes were right on the asshole ring muscle. He held it steady. He slowely squezzed the handle, the blades expanded out the ring muscle until the muscle offered resistance at about 2 inches wide. He locked it into place at this width, and turned his attention to my other hole, the piss slit. My cock was used to being expanded open over a pencil thick sound, and the baby slid right into the pee hole and down the shaft, he fucked my slit in and out, as he began to crank the asshole wider and wider, at 3 inches in width, my ring was strecthed like a drum and he was fucking my piss slit like crazy begging me to cum like this, I shot off hard, my assmuscle clamping down on the speculum with hard anal spasms, destroying the ring muscle.

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