Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Double Asshole Attack

I was ready, both M.B. and C.H. were gonna double team my rectum today, and really wreck it bad. They stripped me naked right away, tied off my nut sack and made me go doggy on all fours. Each man had a 3 inch wide x 12 inch long dong, they started nailing my asshole, tag teaming the dongs, punching the rectum at full force. After 10 minutes, My asshole muscle let loose, and they started driving deep into the rectum. I started really getting into it, a big whiff of poppers, then a spread my asshole cheeks begging them to destroy my ass-ring...They pounded the shit out of my asshole while working the nuts at the same time. I shot off when the 3 incher straightened out the anal bend during a thrust. Total session time: 2hours

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