Monday, November 26, 2007

Pulling the asshole out

The ripple stick was dong that is a full 3 inches in diameter ripples on a 2 inch shaft. My asshole ring muscle is about to experience the sensations of this new dong. Doggy style, ass high, AssDaddy was long stroking a simalar size dong, but no ripples, just a solid 3 inch wide shaft on a 9 inch length. It was stroking the rectum, the full length, nailing the asshole, with ease. It was time for the rippler. The big head was pushed at my asshole,it sank in passed the first ripple, my loose ass ring tried to grip the 2 inch shaft, but the 2nd 3 inch wide ripple strecthed the assring and plopped in, the final 3 ripples slid home. He pulled the rippler dong out, pulling the assring out. The dong was pulled out completly, and quickly rammed back in. Long swift strokes, dented the assring in 5 times, and pulling my asshole ring muscle out 5 times in a second, making tremendous rectal noisees. My asshole quickly became mush, a wrecked hanging hole.

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