Saturday, November 10, 2007

Piss slit & Asshole work in unison

I was on the edge of Assdaddies bed, Face down doggy style, squatted down with my hips, ass hanging off the bed, spreading my asscheeks while AssDaddy was at the end, on a step stool, drilling a large dildo repeatadly up my asschute, enjoying the noise my rectum was making. He had my nuts rubberbanded off, the a string attached to the rubberband, where the other end was tied to the bedpost at the end. He was really coreing out the chute, my tied off balls all oiled up, working them with the other hand. He drove the dong deep and held it there. The thrusting stopped as he pulled my hard cock straight down, still working the nuts. He split my piss slit open with his fingers, found a pencil thick sound and slowely slid it into my piss slit. My piss slit is used to being rodded out, and the metal sound slide right to the base of my 5 inch cock. He told me to hold it in place, as he want back into working the asshole and nuts in unison, the big dong pounding the rectum,it took me over the edge, blasting a huge load, squirting from the sides of the metal rod in the slit.

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