Monday, November 12, 2007

Assring Popping the Dong

After back to back to back anal sessions, AssDaddy was drilling the largest dongs right up my ass-chute with ease, on the pullout, my asshole would hang like a worn out female pussy, Then hammer the dong back up the ass chute withVengence, really working the asshole hard. The largest dong has a 3.5 inch wide large, sharp triangular cock head thats much larger than the 3 inch shaft.When being inserted is really stetches out the assring muscle, but is so large, I have to sit on it to insert it myself, then back on the bed and present my stuffed asshole to him. He grabs the dong and sinks it as deep as possible, then slowely thrusts the dong back in for in my chute, Turning my rectum into a cored out tunnel, He starte dpicking uyp the pace, and my asshole start making all kinds of noise from the large head compressing the air in my chute. On the out thrust, he would pull it out far enough to pull my assring away and almost turn my assring inside-out, I screamed from the severe width, as my asshole ring sank down over the head. Faster and faster the dong nailed my rectum, he started working my nuts to make me cum, I shot of 5 minutes later.

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