Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Double Asshole Attack

I was ready, both M.B. and C.H. were gonna double team my rectum today, and really wreck it bad. They stripped me naked right away, tied off my nut sack and made me go doggy on all fours. Each man had a 3 inch wide x 12 inch long dong, they started nailing my asshole, tag teaming the dongs, punching the rectum at full force. After 10 minutes, My asshole muscle let loose, and they started driving deep into the rectum. I started really getting into it, a big whiff of poppers, then a spread my asshole cheeks begging them to destroy my ass-ring...They pounded the shit out of my asshole while working the nuts at the same time. I shot off when the 3 incher straightened out the anal bend during a thrust. Total session time: 2hours

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pulling the asshole out

The ripple stick was dong that is a full 3 inches in diameter ripples on a 2 inch shaft. My asshole ring muscle is about to experience the sensations of this new dong. Doggy style, ass high, AssDaddy was long stroking a simalar size dong, but no ripples, just a solid 3 inch wide shaft on a 9 inch length. It was stroking the rectum, the full length, nailing the asshole, with ease. It was time for the rippler. The big head was pushed at my asshole,it sank in passed the first ripple, my loose ass ring tried to grip the 2 inch shaft, but the 2nd 3 inch wide ripple strecthed the assring and plopped in, the final 3 ripples slid home. He pulled the rippler dong out, pulling the assring out. The dong was pulled out completly, and quickly rammed back in. Long swift strokes, dented the assring in 5 times, and pulling my asshole ring muscle out 5 times in a second, making tremendous rectal noisees. My asshole quickly became mush, a wrecked hanging hole.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bottle Expansion and Hold

After a good asshole workout, I was able to slide a beer can right into my asshole. The assring strecthed to the max around the can. I took a shower. Held the can in for a solid 30 minutes to stretch out the ass-ring muscle. It did not tighten up for a long time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Creamed in the chute

After a thorough asshole eating, My asshole was lubed up, and his thick 9 incher, pointed right at my open shaved bald asshole. Hands holding my hips and asscheeks spread, he thrusted right into my asshole with no warning driving all 9 inches right up my chute on one swift thrust. He held it there, moaning, as the thrusts began, he reached around to work my nuts. He was thrusting hard moving his hips in a circular motion to nail the rectal walls, I was about to blast from anal when I felt that large cock head grow, then cream my rectum on the downthrust.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Assring Popping the Dong

After back to back to back anal sessions, AssDaddy was drilling the largest dongs right up my ass-chute with ease, on the pullout, my asshole would hang like a worn out female pussy, Then hammer the dong back up the ass chute withVengence, really working the asshole hard. The largest dong has a 3.5 inch wide large, sharp triangular cock head thats much larger than the 3 inch shaft.When being inserted is really stetches out the assring muscle, but is so large, I have to sit on it to insert it myself, then back on the bed and present my stuffed asshole to him. He grabs the dong and sinks it as deep as possible, then slowely thrusts the dong back in for in my chute, Turning my rectum into a cored out tunnel, He starte dpicking uyp the pace, and my asshole start making all kinds of noise from the large head compressing the air in my chute. On the out thrust, he would pull it out far enough to pull my assring away and almost turn my assring inside-out, I screamed from the severe width, as my asshole ring sank down over the head. Faster and faster the dong nailed my rectum, he started working my nuts to make me cum, I shot of 5 minutes later.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Piss slit & Asshole work in unison

I was on the edge of Assdaddies bed, Face down doggy style, squatted down with my hips, ass hanging off the bed, spreading my asscheeks while AssDaddy was at the end, on a step stool, drilling a large dildo repeatadly up my asschute, enjoying the noise my rectum was making. He had my nuts rubberbanded off, the a string attached to the rubberband, where the other end was tied to the bedpost at the end. He was really coreing out the chute, my tied off balls all oiled up, working them with the other hand. He drove the dong deep and held it there. The thrusting stopped as he pulled my hard cock straight down, still working the nuts. He split my piss slit open with his fingers, found a pencil thick sound and slowely slid it into my piss slit. My piss slit is used to being rodded out, and the metal sound slide right to the base of my 5 inch cock. He told me to hold it in place, as he want back into working the asshole and nuts in unison, the big dong pounding the rectum,it took me over the edge, blasting a huge load, squirting from the sides of the metal rod in the slit.