Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trashed out assring

I was on my back legs high, ass right on the edge of the bed, TJ had two fingers fucking my loose asshole, swirling and probing, preparing the asshole for an extreme workout. With my nuts tightly rubberbanded off, he baby oiled up my cock, getting it rock hard, my ass was starting to loosen, so he got the large dildo, aimed the head at my open asshole, and powered it right up my chute, he slowly pulled it completely out, then plowed it right back in to the hilt, he did this 4 times, until my asshole easily accepted the whole dong. Then he started jackhammering the hole with long swift strokes, nailing the asshole good. I took a deep hit of poppers, spread my ass cheeks, and let himdrill out my rectum at high speed. Im not allowed to cum, until the largest dong enters the rectum. He picked up that dong, really greased it down, and pushed it at my asshole, the assring spread wide and the monster filled my whole rectal cavity as its sunk home. Assdaddy worked my nuts and the dong at the same time, Until my cock shot off. Totally trashing out the hole.

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