Monday, October 22, 2007

Rectum Wrecker Dong Ordered

The new dildo had arrived, a 3.5 inch wide shaft with a 4 inch head, total rectum wrecker. I was doggy style, face down, ass high. AssDaddy plunging a large dong into my ass chute working my tied off nuts in unison, prepping it for the new dong. A hit of poppers and my asshoole let completly loose, and he cored out my asschute hard and fast, greasing the monster dong between thrusts. The smaller dong plopped out and was replaced by the new dildo. Th emassive head dented in the assring, I hit the poppers again, the Assdady Daddy applied more pressure, My assring yielded, and the dong sank 9 inches up my rectum in one big push. I screamed as my rectum was filled to capacity, He held it there allowing my asshole to get used to its size. My assring was burning from the severe stretching it just took, as he began to saw the enormous dong in and out of my open loose asshole. Picking up the pace, my asshole was really making noise, I was getting ready to squirt off already. A soon as he worked my tied off nuts at the same time, I cam like a whore, hard and loud.

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