Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nail the assring!

Doggy style, Assdaddy David sunk the medium sized dong into my open loose asshole, he pushed it until the donh head hit the colon bend, then slowely withdrawl, until it popped out. He powered it back into the rectum, the pulled out again, and drilled it again, my asshole began to loosen more. He started picking up the pace, nailing the asshole with long mean stroke. I hit the poppers, and relaxed, allowing ass daddy to take the hole to the maximum, my asshole let loose, and he grabbed the largest dildo. The massive head split my assring and the dong filled the rectum in one push. I screamed as he went into high spead reaming with my largest dong, nailing the asshole working my tied off nuts. I came from anal 10 minutes later.

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