Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eggplant in the rectum

Assdaddy wanted to see a large eggplant sink fat in first into my rectum. The massive 4 inch wide veggie was really greasy, sitting next to me, as Assdaddy was plunging a large dildo in my asshole, prepping it. My bald cock was swinging with each thrust, making AssDaddy even hotter for anal. He poured baby oil in his other hand, and oiled down my little hard cock, while he continued pounding the rectal cavity. The 3" dong was litterly falling in my asshole, and I knew the eggplant was coming. The dong left my asshole with a plop and he pushed the veggie at the assring. My asshole spread and he drove it home, grabbed my oiled down cock and stroked it, holding the eggplant firmly embedded in my rectum, until I came my loose assring spasming around the large veggie

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