Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back on track-Rectal Destruction

Things are starting to pickup since two sadistic asshole wreckers have been found and initial sessionshave been successful. Looks like they fit the description that we need. T.B. just loves to totally bind Analboy down and ream out his asshole with large objects while probing his piss slit in unison. In the initial session, Analboy did a huge cum shout with a pencil thick sound fully inserted in his cock. The following session, a day later W.A. slammed Analboy's asshole with the largest dongs, milking load after load out of him. Amazing, that even after a dry period of about a month, his asshole open right up, with W.A splitting his assring muscle to a 3 inch width with little effort. Looks like we are back on track for more rectum destruction. Stay tuned for new pics.

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