Monday, October 29, 2007

Assring Muscle Mutilation

Assdaddy had my asshole spread over a large shampoo bottle, holding the assshole ring muscle at maximum dilation for 15 minutes now. The large zuchinni was greased up real good, and the bottle plopped out. The zuchnini split the assring open and plowed into my rectum with ease. I was made to hold it there as he snapped a large rubberband around my shaved nuts, and proceeded to baby oileds down my whole bald cock and nut area, pumping the veggie in and out to keep my little cock rock hard. He was preparing my asshole for his largest dong, massive 4 inch mushroom head on a 3 inch shaft. I was ready. Assdady aimed the monster dong at my hole and pushed, the head almost ripped my assring muscle as the dong sunk home, he held it there, working my nuts. He started thrusting the dong, hoping I would come from it. The dong battered my coclon bend, sending me over the edge, cumming as he worked my nuts and asshole in unison.

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